Top Business and Investment Opportunities to Consider before 2019 Ends

In the words of Socrates, ‘the secret of change is to focus all your energy and not to fight the old but to build the new’.

Human beings naturally possess the drive to be independent, sovereign and associated with one another and once that drive activates, individuals, attain better lives.

Each year in Africa comes with its own ‘in the new’ business trend and often such developments always bring in mass revenue.

In the previous years, business-like urban transportation, farming, cooking, schooling, and the likes have been paramount in the continent of Africa, however, 2019 unfolds greater business and investment opportunities that yield maximum profit.

Advertising Services 

With the upgrade of civilization and technology, Africa has become part of a large online community with wider audience coverage.

The world of advertisement has evolved from the static method of seeking for advertising companies and pitching for them to advertise one’s goods and services; with the social media, advertising has grown into a more competitive and productive venture.

Online advertising services on social media is a booming business venture in Africa presently.

Good, entertaining or attractive content that will yield tremendous growth in online followership breeds good online promotion.

Large followership attracts business investors who want to advertise to large and committed supporters.

YouTube initiated this form of advertisement through sponsored ads, though it is still very relevant today its scope widens from YouTube through vlogging and video content building to media several media outlets especially Instagram.

This is the reason some quite a few Nigerian entertainers are smiling to the banks’ through entertaining content; they are able to reach a massive number of people thus they become media influencers and profit from advert done for other businesses.

Online Marketing 

As 2019 unfolds, most businesses keep moving from the conventional to the online means.

People do not necessarily have to go through the stress of going to a physical market to purchase a certain product as marketing has now moved online.

The busy banker or engineer at work barely has the time to go to the market to buy one product or the other, simply making an order online solves the trick.

Business minds can capitalize on this venture by growing an online market.

Apart from having to go to wholesale shops in one’s vicinity, Goods are purchased at very cheap wholesale prices from countries patronizing products and are shipped to places in Africa for business minds, these products are advertised online and sold for cheap prices as well.

These products appear cheaper online compared to the prices they could get such products in the general markets but the audience has no idea that as cheap as these products are online, its purchase was at a very much cheaper wholesale prices which yield more profit for the businessman!

Selling Information 

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It’s a sad thing that the schools get a lot of money from learners to get educated however the most percentage of graduates after leaving school in Africa, end up jobless or working with knowledge never learned in school.

This is the reason schools now bring in entrepreneurship classes to widen the students’ knowledge however there are still limitations controlled by their methods.

Practical information useful to people are purchased for knowledge however there is a limited number of people who are in the market to sell such needed information.

An online book or class titled “Practical Steps to Become a Millionaire in 2019” will sell beyond one’s expectation.

People who are not just money seekers but experienced and knowledgeable in diverse areas can create an online platform of making money from gained knowledge by selling books, taking online practical classes or offering online health consultation services.

Thomas Edison believes that our paramount weakness is in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

With these major opportunities, no one has any reason to remain poor in 2019; money must be made.

Other Investment Opportunities
You may not have the commitment or strength to do the proper 8-5 job plan nor the witty skills and ideas for a business but if you are able to gather a startup capital as low as fifty to hundred thousand naira can start a phase of investment which may tarry for a while but will definitely yield tremendous profit.

The wonderful gain in investment is no wonder more people have begun to take its course.

The Investment will always speak more good than merely saving because the money isn’t just static-it grows.

Investment is a way forward in the financial scheme in 2019, as money is made, it is put into other businesses that yield a profit after an agreed period of time.

One of such investment opportunities lies in the real estate business. This business which is already a 2019 profitable business on its own is also a good place to invest.

Housing never goes stale or out of business because people would always need to live in a place, hence investment in real estate is a very profitable one.

Another investment opportunity is farming. The farming business which is striving daily to remain in the business scene seeks for investors, a  reason they have very profitable investment offers. There are various businesses with good investment opportunities discoverable by research.

Apart from the popular form of investment, a new form of investment making waves in Africa is investing in people’s talents and business ideas and skills.

You may not find an already established business venture to invest in but there could be a friend, neighbor or family member who has a dream to pursue without funds; an agreement to give the person a certain start-up amount with expected income monthly or annually.

People are ready to go as far as purchasing tricycles or motorcycle for people who need it with an agreement of a certain price they would gain monthly such that they relax in their various houses but still have monthly income entering their accounts.