Building Your Professional Network, Using These Strategies

A number of strategies exist that you can explore, when it comes to building a sustainable legacy for your business.

One of them is, networking, but it appears as if it is taken for granted.

In a networking circle, you are provided with advice, tips and opportunities that can see to the growth of your business.

Sometimes, attempts at networking fail, due to the situation around it appearing awkward.

To make a lasting impression from your conversation, the next time you find yourself at an event, carefully follow these tips:

Active Listening

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Do yourself a great favor, by taking your conversation beyond the surface so as to find common grounds with the other person you are conversing with.

‘What do you do?’, ‘what products, or, services does your company deal on?’, or trying to get to know much more, about the person, are the kinds of conversations that goes a long way, in opening up the opportunities of having such a person on your professional network.

You must be ready to play the role of an active listener, when you start the conversation with a question that is mind-blowing.

All you need to do is to allow the speaker to spill out his/her thoughts, without interjecting.

The urge to jump in and contribute, might be fascinating, nevertheless, you need to restrain yourself from talking without the other person finishing what he, or, she was saying.

Listen to and let them share their thoughts with you.

Elevate The Conversation

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You can take the conversation beyond a one-way thing. People love to be engaged in practical topics, up for discussion.

You could start by sharing a short compelling story, or, ask them, what their thoughts are, on recent events and news, on a particular industry of their choice.

Beyond this, ask them what they intend getting, out of the event.

You should also be clear on your goals too, as well, in order to find a level ground, on your area of interests.

This may be a big reason for you both, to work together, going forward.

Pitch At The Appropriate Time

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If by your instincts, you sense that the conversation is going well and you feel good in connecting with the person, go ahead and pitch.

You might not sound overly convincing to them at first, but this approach will ensure that you exchange contact details.

A follow up, through email, might just put the icing on the cake. This can birth a future working relationship.

Opportunities To Connect In Future

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Networking is beyond the exchange of contact details and creating conversations, with a lot of people.

It is about, building a sustainable professional network relationship, over time.

Ensure that, after your exchange, you do a follow up, by requesting to meet up, over a cup of coffee, or, a similar schedule.

You could also read up 5 network tips for an effective meetup.

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