Avoid These Body Language Mistakes In Business Communication

In a professional relationship, you might not have considered the importance of having the right body language in your business deals, but getting your posture, eye contact and other signals wrong, might negatively affect the outcome of such deals.

Communication in business, spreads beyond what you say, how you say them, especially, with the way your body language conveys them, even, with no intention whatsoever.

Good business communication is key and that is why you need to be mindful of your body language, as it can always make the difference that you have been looking for, in your next meeting with that business partner, or, potential investor.

Below are some common body language mistakes to avoid in business communication:

Having Your Hands In Your Pockets

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If, you are quite unsure of what to do with your hands during a conversation, the last thing you want to think of, is dropping them in your pocket, or, crossing them.

Keeping your hands in your pockets, might give a sign of nervousness, or, self-consciousness, to your potential investors, for instance. This is far from the right image your investors want to see.

John Turner, Founder of SeedProd LLC, summarises what you can do, if you are caught in this web, “Look at the other person. If they have their hands on the table, do the same.

Mirroring body language, is, actually, a subtle way to build a bond”

Avoiding Eye Contact

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Having the right amount of eye contact, is crucial, in non-verbal communication.

At very crucial moments, maintaining eye contacts strengthens a form of trust and connection.

Your investors feel you are not a coward, who cannot be entrusted with seed funds.

In as much as maintaining eye contact is good, it is, also, necessary to state here that, prolonging it, can become unnecessary.

Touching Your Face


This might appear rather silly, but if possible, avoid it, as an unnecessary evil.

David Henzel, CEO LTVplus quipped that, touching your face during a conversation, is a sign of dishonesty.

Avoid scratching your head, or, picking your nose. This can make you earn a lasting negative first impression.

Poor Posture

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Studies have shown that, when people are nervous, they tend to sway back and forth.

This is a very poor way of making a positive first impression.

Rather than displaying a poor posture, why not widen your stance, as this posture makes you appear confident.

Checking Your Messages

Checking your messages in the middle of a conversation, appears disrespectful and shows that you have no interest in the other party.

You owe those who agreed to be in a meeting with you, your time, so. you ought to keep your phone away.

Why let them see you, as an unserious individual, who wants to venture into business for the fun of it.

Shrugging Your Shoulders

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Shrugging your shoulders, shows that you lack the knowledge of what your potential investors expect you to know.

You cannot expect them to invest in you, when you are unsure of some certainties in your venture.

Investors need to be assured that, you know what you are into.

Shrugging your shoulder, sends a wrong signal of lacking knowledge, even, if that was not your intention.

Are there any other business communication mistakes to avoid, let us know in the comment section below

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