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Blockchain Technology: The Antidote to Social Media Madness

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The advent of social media, to a large extent, has done more good, to the world that, we can ever imagine, but unfortunately, just like every other thing that, is fleeting, it is, also, having its dark side.

Top social media giants, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., have made, so much fortune, via the internet, but they all operate, on a closed, monopolistic trend, in the existing internet infrastructure, thus, making it inaccessible, for third parties to explore.

One start-up has, however, aimed at changing this narrative, capable of disrupting the social media networks, via the application of blockchain technology.

DFINITY is a blockchain internet protocol that, has created what is called, ‘The Internet Computer’, with the aim of decentralizing the internet, by putting cloud services, (and all of their data), on independent systems.

The start-up aims, to disrupt social media and has taken a step further, to showcase this innovative technological concept, at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland.

The start-up aims to showcase to the world how social media can be disrupted, by using an open, decentralized social media network, called LinkedUp, (totally, different from LinkedIn).

For now, the open social media network, LinkedUp is, only, a prototype, used for demonstration, but with an open-source that is, available to interested third-party developers, to explore.

“We, basically, have no clear idea, on how Facebook creates its News Feed and we have no idea, how our data are processed, by Facebook.

We, basically, have no way of knowing, if it funnels that data collated, to Cambridge Analytica and that is one essential difference, with an open internet”, stated Dominic Williams, Founder of DFINITY.

“Looking at LinkedUp, you can see the updates, to the software, going through the governance system, so, you know, exactly, what changes have been made and how the system works”, stressed William.

If this sails through, social media, will no longer be something that is, hidden. It will be open, for everyone to access and tinker with, if they choose to.

“Users can create a world for themselves and have direct access, to the code that governs these networks, thus, people would now have the power to fight against monopolistic trends in the existing internet frameworks”, Williams further argued.

Williams, finally stated that, he hopes to see that, the LinkedUp application, inspires others, to create open versions, of other popular software, like WhatsApp, Facebook, eBay and more, as the knowledge to create is, now known.

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