Bitcoin and Litecoin Remain the Best Performing Cryptocurrencies in 2019

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The world of cryptocurrency in 2019 has been up and down with equal gains and losses in the financial space.

Recently Bitcoin and Litecoin went down by 50% this year, nevertheless, they remain this year’s best-performing cryptocurrencies.

Moving ahead of the traditional markets which include the S&P500 that has posted a +17.23% year to date.

Data from and Tradingview indicates that Bitcoin moved +123% to +288% year to date as the cryptocurrency reached $13,880 in June.

However, Litecoin rose from +93% year to date, reaching a peak of $145.63 at +368%.

This year’s result has shown that Bitcoin and Litecoin stands as the two highest-performing cryptocurrencies ahead of the others.

The other top three are BCH with +54.85%, Ethereum with 37.42% and Monero having +22.11.

On the other side, Bitcoin Gold with -37.13%, Zcash with -33.84%, Ripple having -22.76 and Dash carrying -8.84% are the worst performing cryptocurrencies this year.

The two leading cryptocurrencies have been the earliest and both have been at each other’s tail as regards changes in price.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts hold a strong belief in Bitcoin and Litecoin, as the two remain close to each other in the crypto market.

With indications showing that bitcoin is expected to halve by May 2020, crypto enthusiast has a strong belief that it will take over from Litecoin.

What is not certain is if the other cryptocurrencies in the pack would closely follow bitcoin and Litecoin.

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