Beyond Payment Remita Offers Partnership to its Users

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As an average Nigerian that is conversant with financial technology, what comes through your mind, when you come across the word “Remita”? That service platform, which renders payment vèry easy?

Well as expected, you are not wrong, if you say so because, the platform guarantees its users, the convenience of money transfer, allowing businesses to receive payment, using multiple avenues.

Allowing you to check your bank balance on the screen of your device, is, also, something you can do on the Remita platform.

Remita is the software that powers the Treasury Single Account, adopted by the Federal Government of Nigeria, to combat financial misappropriation that has bedeviled the country for ages.

Beyond that, Remita offers incredible services to its users, providing a wide range of financial independence, to all, who have subscribed to its remarkable provision, of such offer.

Remita, also, offers its customers, the opportunity to earn big, when you join the platform’s network of agents and partners, in ensuring, easy payment access, on the continent.

This is a partnership opportunity, coming from the fintech, not just for the unemployed, but also, for the employed who seek to earn extra stream of revenue.

You could be a professional service provider, yet willing to smile to the bank, at every opportunity of making an extra source of income that, comes your way.

Remita has made it seamless for interested users. All they require is, to introduce the platform to organisations, governments, professional associations, clubs, or, any formal, or, informal groups, present within your network.

Information available on its website, states that, you are guaranteed pretty good earnings, for the rest of your stay on planet earth.

Simply introduce Remita to your business contacts and earn, for life, every time they process any transaction on the platform.

What Remita Partnership offers it users include:

A Strong Business’ Affiliation

Who does not want to have a healthy business affiliation, with a leading financial technology platform, on the continent?

Additional Value-Added Services: Remita gives you the opportunity, to be a value provider, beyond the easy payment service it offers.

Constant Revenue

It has been stated earlier and it has to be re-emphasized that, getting to be a partner, or, agent, with Remita, guarantees you a steady revenue, from every transaction that gets processed on the platform for those you introduce.

An Expanded Network

Benefits from relationships, with other high net-worth and highly influential individuals, within the Remita Business Partnership Network.

The Beautiful thing about the process, is that, it is absolutely free, to be a part of this financial independence.

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