What Are The Best Productivity Hacks Of Startup CEOs?

Starting out as the CEO of a Startup company can appear to be a daunting task, especially, if you double as the Co-Founder that is a double task, right?

Well, it depends on the way we see it, as not much task gets assigned to the Founder, unlike the CEO.

The CEO has to up his game of success and needs a guarantee for the Startup to scale.

As the individual at the top of the ladder, saddled with responsibilities, the CEO must get equipped with the right tools for optimal capacity that will ensure productivity.

Below is a list of productivity hacks that, CEOs of Startups can utilize:

Keep Out Distractions

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For some people, it’s somewhat tricky for them to concentrate at work, while their phones are churning out notification tones at intervals.

Some cannot, even, do without flipping through their emails, or, checking updates on social media.

All these are distractions that can knock out one’s level of concentration, which in turn, hinders productivity, especially, for a Startup Founder, but there is a way to scale through.

iPhone users can switch on, “Do Not Disturb” mode, where all sounds and vibrations are silenced completely.

There are Apps that can be set to a specific time, to block distracting websites.

Lump Your Tasks

Switching of tasks on a daily basis can bring about inefficiency, as there might be vital information lost, in the process.

A good hack for this is to set aside a series of time to perform similar tasks.

For example, you set a time in the day to attend meetings, rather than jump from one meeting to another task.

Putting tasks together assists the mental capacity to get more productive in no time.

Pen Down Points

Productivity hacks - cfamedia

One of the least focused productivity hacks you can think of.

A Startup CEO may want to act like an Albert Einstein, taking on everything thrown at him, including his thoughts in the brain.

Mind you, better alternatives exist, rather than subjecting the brain to information overload.

You can, even, easily recall what you jot on notes.

Thoughts, ideas and tasks, can get stored in Note apps.


Productivity would fail to materialize if what is important is not defined.

some tasks can be delegated, therefore, saving time for useful moments, to enhance productivity.

If you thoroughly take the time out, you may discover that you have spent more time checking unsolicited emails than proper planning and strategic thinking.

It is better to spend less quality time on productive tasks than spend ample time, simply checking emails.

Monitor Key Dates

Productivity hacks - cfamedia
You don’t want to miss out on very important schedules.

The only way you can ensure this is to assign these key dates to your staffs and their duty is for them to remind you.

You will not be overwhelmed with the task of trying to remember what next.

Time used in doing this can be harnessed for other productive activity.

Take A Break

As the CEO, your table for the day might have been filled with loads of document.

Taking time out, to walk around or grab a cup of coffee, might just be a lifesaver.

Walking alone, will put the mind back to rest and probably, clear it off some mental workload.

Taking a bit of a break enhances productivity.

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