Some Basic Security Measures Small Businesses Ignore

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Every business requires basic security, to maintain its course. From the simplest basic rule to the most complicated, if security measures are totally flagged down, the death of such a business, would not be too far.

Below are some measures, to ensure security in your business:

Maintaining Documentation And Procedures

Companies often neglect the process of meticulous combination of documentation and this is one of the reasons why some companies experience some security challenges.

Maintaining documentation and procedures, in an organisation, helps to reduce fraud opportunities; it also highlights the gaps, in internal control.

A basic need, for documentation, is the ability to recall previous records and procedures, if the need arises; if no documentation exists, challenges, such as loss of important records will arise.

Sometimes, a breakdown in technology may occur, however, if proper documentation of records, important data will be secured.

Installation Of Security Cameras

When awareness of hidden cameras in organisations are rampant, criminals will reduce criminal acts, for the fear of exposure.

Security cameras enable security agents, to keep tabs, on the activities in an organisation; viewing everything and everywhere, in a company is, possible with security cameras.

When a criminal act occurs and the identity of the culprit is unknown, the camera footage identifies the culprit and to know, exactly, what went wrong; no criminal, who knows about such camera coverage, would want to get involved in criminal activities.

Accurate Protection Of Passwords

In the cyber world that we live in, hacking is nothing new, neither, is it very difficult to carry out.

Protection of user IDs and passwords will prevent hackers, from gaining easy access.

This is why companies are encouraged, not to work with the “remember login”, or, “remember password” options, while logging.

These features, seem like great ways, to quicken the log in process, however, these are great tools, for hackers.

Creating A Secure Business Website


Some businessmen are of the notion that secured websites are for big and successful organizations alone.

This is a wrong notion. No matter how small your business is, a secure website will protect what your brand stands for.

Having the mindset that, your business is small, might just be why your business will be hacked.

Creating Internal Security


Often times, companies protect their businesses, from foreign criminals, but they are ignorant that, most criminals, are from their workforce.

Learn to lock stations, create ID passes and be more cautious, of the people working with you and not just foreigners, who come in.

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