Basic Guidelines For A Successful Retail Marketing

Retail marketing is the selling of goods and services, from a business, or, business owner, to a customer.

Business owners in the retail market, purchase goods from wholesale businesses, to sell in smaller quantities, at their retail shops, or, locations.

Various rules and principles exist, when it comes to retail marketing.

Understanding the 4 Ps of marketing is, a major trick, in retail marketing; they may seem like old methods, but they are relevant, in growing sales, in the retail market:


The product sold should be one that appeals to the needs, of your target audience.

Two major types of products exist, in the market; they are hard, or, durable goods and soft goods.

The hard goods refer to durable products, like electronics, appliances, etc., while soft goods, refer to clothing items, household products, cosmetics, etc.

Big retailers, like supermarkets and big business spaces, major in, both soft and hard products, while smaller retailers, stick to a product type.


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The price of a product will determine the purchases of that product.

Factors to consider, when giving prices to products, are essential because, if one is not careful, one may end up losing a customer, instead of gaining one because, poor pricing skills are evident.

Pricing is your products must be on a consistent range and should be able, to appeal to your customers in their various levels.

As a business owner, you can use different pricing methods. The low budget pricing is, done to attract a large number of potential customers.

In this method of pricing, business owners, give very low prices to products, for driving sales.

Another pricing method often used is the high/low method. In this method, products are extremely high, once they hit the market, but reduce in price, after the popularity of the product fades.


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The place, where goods and products are sold is, necessary for retail marketing.

The location can, either, be a physical store, or, an E-store.

The place, where the business is located, will determine how sales of its products are driven.

If your product is not located well, you won’t reach the people you want to meet; the online location has a great advantage because reaches a larger audience.


Retail marketing - cfamedia
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Promotion is another vital principle, in retail marketing.

After you have manufactured a good product, with a good price in a good location, if you do not promote it, no one will know about that product.

Promotion entails understanding your target audience and knowing, how best to reach them.

Promotion ranges from traditional forms to the none conventional form of advertising. The online media is a more effective tool for customer relations and publicity.

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