Bad Personality Traits That Can Cost Your Business

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Personality traits have different sides, it is, either, generic, or, built as you grow in life, through life challenges and experiences.

Walking into a gift store to purchase some gift items, on entering the store, I met a young lady, who was in charge of sales.

Asking after the prices of the gifts and her reply was not encouraging, coupled with the not-too-welcoming countenance on her face. I ignored these and kept on with bargaining.

At this point, I was furious because she lacked a customer care attitude. Asking her for the prices of each gift item was irritating to her and at this point putting up with such a cold attitude is killing.

I, immediately, left her store. I walked into another store and I was welcomed with a huge smile that got my heart melting. I decided to make my purchase there, although, the gift items in that store, were more expensive than the previous store.

The first gift store lost both the income and the profit that would have accrued to it because of the bad attitude of the storekeeper and if she continues that way, there is every probability that, she would not make any sales for a very long time.

This is how a bad personality trait can negatively affect your business. Every employer or employee behavior is, driven by their personality traits; how they respond to work, carry out tasks, attention to details, etc., all depends on their personality traits.

Below are 5 different personality traits to avoid, so, your business will not be negatively affected:

Stubborn and unwilling to learn: These sets of people are difficult to manage. They often push aside new ideas, feeling that, they have the best ideas.

They always want to be at the helm of affairs in an organization.

They believe that, whatever they do, or, anything they say, should be the ultimate.

They are not open to new ideas and knowledge because, they feel they already know everything that, they need to know and their information is always validated.

These set of people will ruin a company that runs on innovation. They are rigid in their thinking and not susceptible to change.

Always being in a sad mood: These set of people, are always having no good time. They come up with diverse mood swings, like being unnecessarily angry with coworkers, or, even customers.

They always look for reasons things cannot be done, instead of looking for solutions on how they can be fixed.

These set of people, can reduce your company’s productivity and can also discourage other employees from being creative because of their negative mentality.

According to Trevor Blake, the author of ‘Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life’, “if you are pinned in a corner for too long, listening to someone being negative, you are more likely to behave that way as well.”

Quick to pick up on others: These set of people, are quick to see the faults in others, but they do not take responsibility for their own faults.

They are defensive and always see every other person, as a suspect, besides themselves.

These kinds of people can create chaos, in your organization. Their inability to recognize their own faults and failures will lead to repetition of the same mistakes, which brings down productivity.

Always wants to be praised: They find it difficult to work with a team because, they want to receive the 100% applause, for a job well done. They do not like to share their glory with anyone.

Rumour mongers: Gossip creates this atmosphere that keeps everyone, on their lane. It creates conflicts and destroys trust, among the people.

Nobody wants to work in an atmosphere that is not trustworthy.

Nobody is ready to make friends because, of the fear of spilling out one’s personal information to other colleagues.

This personality trait can, actually, ruin an organization that you have been building for years.

Personality traits, go a long way, in determining how productive your organizations can be, so, you need to ensure that you avoid these personality traits, stated above, for you to attain the peak in your business and professional career.

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