Bad Leadership is A Pitfall; Do Not Ignore the Signs

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No employee likes to work under the atmosphere of bad leadership, as it often makes a negative impact, on the progress of the organisation.

Bad leadership may not, outrightly, mean that the personality involved is incarnate of the devil that is, hell-bent, on causing deliberate chaos, in an organisation.

It might just be a result, of finding oneself, in a leadership role unexpectedly.

Moving forward, those individuals with bad leadership traits, become self-aware and overcome these habits.

These habits, are usually, unnoticed blind spots that, if left unattended to, can ruin the chances of attaining the status that defines great leadership.

If you find yourself on a leadership path and ready to attain that enviable status, you need to focus, on minding these reasons that, often, cost leaders their dedicated followers.

Some of the negative traits to avoid include:

Lack Of Empathy

As easy, as showing empathy may appear, it is not an emotion that you can fake. You must, literally, be “in it”, to be able to display it.

In creating a personal relationship with your team members, empathy has, to come, naturally, from you, as a leader.

You need to get a grip on both the favorable and unfavorable circumstances, surrounding your followers.

Having an unnecessary, emotional attachment, is not the same, as displaying a show of empathy, to your team, with regards to their work.

They would be able to look up to you, share one another’s challenge, work effectively.

No Opportunities For Growth

It is no doubt that employees who appear to have progressed, in their career, at a given time, would hardly quit the company.

Good leaders must identify that their followers crave room for growth, therefore, the onus lies on them, to create retention strategies that would encourage their employees, for productivity.

No Employee’s Recognition

Appreciation, through word of mouth alone, is a form of motivation that, some of your members would like.

What does it cost you to offer them? Nothing.

Sowing appreciation might just be the extra motivation needed.

Beyond doing this, you will, also, need to have team leaders, who can, easily, identify worthy employees, for appreciation.

Hiding Behind Their Charisma

Being charismatic is, one of the qualities that define great leadership, however, under the guise of being charismatic, some leaders, tend to combine this trait, with negative qualities.

It is, even, your followers that, can define, if you are charismatic, or not, so, beyond being charismatic, allow your followers access, to information that they require from you.

Do not be a self-styled charismatic leader. Let your followers define who you are.

They Do Not Just Care

A leader that lacks self-awareness, has a high tendency, of not showing any interest, in the aspiration of their followers.

Great leaders do care enough, about these things, as they quite understand the culture around employee motivation.

They go the extra mile, to make available, opportunities for growth and career development.

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