Automated Email Marketing Messages, You Should Be Using, As A Business Owner

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Automating your email marketing process tends to drive a higher ROI and also translates to more conversions.

Emailing is a very reliable and effective marketing strategy that, businesses can use today; however, email marketing has the tendency to increase, exponentially, when you adopt sending targeted messages, automatically, to specific customers.

In reality, small businesses do not have the luxury of time, to compose personal messages for their clients and potential ones at the right time.

Having the funds to hire an email marketing agency, or, your staff does not really matter, as there is no ample time, to carry out your emailing, manually, by leveraging the email marketing opportunities at your disposal.

At this point, employing automation in your processes brings about the changes you desire, in your email marketing.

You can set up email marketing messages that, automatically, to go out to your customers and potential subscribers. Automated messages are designed for conversion.

Customer Follow-up

It is necessary that, you do follow-up with your customers and prospects, after they contacted your customer support team.

After getting notified of the communication exchange, a follow-up message ought to be ready for your customers and prospects.

You could do this automation, if you use a customer support service that is integrated with your email marketing tool.

Compose your follow-up message to be, automatically, delivered to your contact, when they get in touch with your customer service.

The message could be something, as simple as showing how your customers or, prospects may get additional aid.

Sales Trigger

The set up of your email marketing software, should send an automatic follow-up message, when your customers make a purchase from you.

Asides from expressing your gratitude for sales, you can go a step further, by offering a cross-sell.

You do this, by determining the products, or, services that you wish to cross-sell.

In your message, you include the details of, why your customers need to obtain the suggested products, or, services.

You should also note that, the allocation of automated messages, is not limited to a complete order only.

You could, also, send it to customers, who have moved up your sales pipeline.

This automated sales trigger message is very important because, the messages aid you to push your customers, through a sales funnel.

Form Submission

When someone submits a form to your website, you ought to have an automated email marketing message delivered to them.

Making this to work, you have to ensure that, you have the tools integrated in your email marketing software.

Doing this, would make you to see the reports on the submission forms and this allows you to determine the ones working and those that need improvement.

Abandoned Cart

A very important part of your email marketing strategy, is, following up, on abandoned cart messages.

Someone might have abandoned a purchase on your website, unintentionally.

Something must have triggered the action. Your role is, to ensure that, you get the sale done and get to find out the reason for the abandonment.

If you fail to get the cause, you may be reason for the next cart abandonment on your website.

Your email marketing service should be set up to, automatically, send a message enquiring from them the cause of their inability to complete their initial transaction and also prompting them to resume their order.

Thank You

From making a purchase, to attending a product launch, you can send automated thank you messages, to your customers.

Sending a “Thank You” message, means that, you are acknowledging your customers, thereby, creating a channel of developing trust with you.

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