Artificial Intelligence to Detect COVID-19 Without Actual Test

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With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, hitting hard across all sections of the globe, it now appears that, the race is against time, to obtain cure, or vaccine, or continue with possible measures, to prevent its deadly spread.

Currently, the pandemic has developed, to the stage of community spread, in most parts of the globe.

Many countries have been running out of necessary medical kits, to carry out the required sufficient tests, on their citizens.

As it appears, testing is very vital at this point, to hasten the process.

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence-based diagnostic tool. This tool can predict, if an individual is, likely, to have the Coronavirus.

The artificial intelligence-based model, got developed, by the use of data obtained, from an app referred to as, ‘COVID Symptom Study’.

According to a report published in the journal of Nature Medicine, the app has been downloaded, by a handful of people worldwide. Users will be prompted, to report their daily health status on the app.

The app, also, obtains data, from both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals.

In addition, the app tracks the progression of the disease, through the record of self-reported health information, in real-time.

In developing the AI-based prediction system, data obtained from more than 250,000 people, in the United States and the United Kingdom, between Tuesday, March 24 and Tuesday, April 21, got subjected to examination.

Based on the health status and symptoms of the app users, the model predicts a potential COVID-19 individual. The AI-based tool, also, looks out for pre-existing medical conditions and demographics.

The scientists on the research team, also, made an analysis of several symptoms of COVID-19, which can yield a positive outcome.

Symptoms including cough, fever and cold. In addition, loss of smell and taste, also, came up, as characteristics of COVID-19.

Applying the AI-based model, more than 800,000 users on the app, who had displayed those symptoms, show that, approximately, 17% of them had the tendency, to have the disease.

The tool has, also, helped in finding out patients, with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

This development could stop the pandemic, as more people would be well aware, that they are potential carriers.

This AI-based tool, can predict the symptoms of the Coronavirus, without patients getting to do the actual test.

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