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Arm Partners With Ventures Platform to Launch Fintech Accelerator

Corporate innovation is not just an entrepreneurial buzzword. As innovation and technology becomes more commonplace, organizational innovation has become the focal point of corporate discussions. Corporates have realized that the increasing use of new technologies and innovative methods has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. Corporates with the bigger picture in mind, have realized that in order to stay ahead of their competitors, they need to take advantage of these new innovations by working collaboratively with their startup counterparts.

In order to encourage and strengthen Innovation within her corporate brand, ARM has partnered with Ventures platform to create a FinTech focused accelerator called Labs By ARM. It is ARM’s belief that leveraged the right way, technology has the ability to solve finance problems; a big one being financial inclusion. But to solve these problems, startups need to overcome all the obstacles that come with running a fintech company.

In a techpoint article on Fintech’s in Nigeria, fintech entrepreneurs stated that an important strategy in overcoming the challenges that come with running a fintech company is establishing strategic partnerships as this will give the startups access to a larger pool of customers which will reduce spend on customer acquisition. These partnerships can also solve the obstacle of trust as the startups can leverage the reputation of the established company.

ARM has all these and more to offer to startups that make it into the accelerator program. As well as getting hands-on support from mentors in the FinTech industry, program participants will get the opportunity to leverage ARM’s database, infrastructure, business networks, invaluable industry insight, experience, and capital.

Solving the existing finance problems in the country will require a lot of hard work, resources, creative and unconventional solutions. With Labs by ARM, startups will work collaboratively with ARM to tackle some of these problems which will not only set us on the right path to a financially inclusive economy but also pave the way for more collaborations between big corporations and startups. This program is an amazing opportunity for FinTech startups and we’re so happy to begin this journey with ARM.

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