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Android Apps to Plan Your Workdays

Android Apps to Plan Your Workdays

Monday is usually the beginning of the week in the hustling market, and planning ahead is a critical factor to becoming super productive. Planning gives you the avenue to put things very right. And there are lots of Android applications that would allow you plan your workdays and keeping good tracks of them, without any complications. All the applications that i have listed are Android applications and that makes it easy to access.


Wrike is a project management tool that helps you get projects keeping running off the ground. The Wrike app makes it a bit simplistic to creating a new project and assign team members with a few taps. This is quite similar to Asana, my favourite project management tool.

With Wrike, you will be able to create, assign and schedule smaller tasks, send and receive messages through Wrike’s built-in inbox. A tool like this is use to uniting your team and preparing them to work as a unit is integral to the success of your projects. You can also attach images and files to any project right from your phone via cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or DropBox, or straight from your phone’s storage.

Android Apps to Plan Your Workdays

Any.Do Cal

Any.Do Cal is a smart calendar that basically gives additional benefits by giving you access to information from your contacts list. For example, when scheduling a meeting or appointment, you can add contacts from your phone’s address book to the event. That lets you to easily send out invitations and reminders via text or email. Or if you’re running late on the day of the meeting, you can fire off a message to let them know.

However, you can use Any.Do Cal to access your smartphone’s GPS sensor which allows you to turn on the location of an appointment, or event. Then when it’s time to go, you can access turn-by-turn directions with a single tap. In other words, the app streamlines the process of planning and attending meetings, making it a boon for busy business users.

Google Now

Google Now is mostly built or embedded in newer versions of Android phones, not necessarily an App. All you need as a user is tap and hold the home button on a smartphone, then drag your finger up to the Google logo. This is a kind of personal intelligence assistant programmed in such a way that you become aware of the tasks ahead of you. Google Now works in such a way that you get relevant notifications as they are being detected by monitoring the functions in the Google ecosystem.

You automatically get notified perhaps on flight delays, traffic, appointment and other critical information. In my view, Google Now is more effective than other notification services due its functionality of synchronizing with Google search and your existing Gmail and Google Calendar accounts.


This is a day planner application, that is beautifully designed for easy use. Jorte is one of the calendar app for Android users, it synchronizes with Google Calendar, you set reminders, view and tweak your schedule in a variety of ways. It is good for keeping tracks of businesses. It is obviously one of the apps that I would recommend for any business user for keeping daily tasks.

In as much as this is concerned, Jorte might come out on top of your list of apps. You can actually tap any day of the month and have a look of your schedules for the day just at the bottom of the screen on smartphone, without necessarily navigating away from the main calendar view. This is one feature that makes this app outstanding. Users can as well easily browse daily schedules over multiple days quickly and easily.