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Amazon Sets to Launch its version of Face Mask/Shields that will be Highly effective Against COVID-19

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It has been confirmed that, e-commerce giant, Amazon is set to launch its own version, of the face shield, in order to, effectively, trigger the drop down of third-party seller’s prices that has been tagged, outrageous, by some customers.

Amazon stated that, the branded face shields, will be very affordable and will dwarf other face shield prices, by one-third, of what it currently costs.

This move by Amazon, started 2 months ago, when the technical program manager at Amazon, heard about a 3D printing enthusiast’s group that was making face shield, for health workers in Washington State.

The new face shield, will be very much affordable, for all and will guaranty maximum protection, from the ravaging effects of the coronavirus.

Amazon has, also, stated that, ten thousand face shields, have been donated to medical staff, currently, fighting the spread of the disease and it has been mooted that, an additional 20,000 units, will soon be available for distribution.

As at now, to purchase third-party sellers face shields, it has been estimated that, it will cost around $15 to $35 dollars, which has been seen to be too expensive, but with Amazon, face shield costs, will range between $5 and $12.

This move will drive down the prices of face shields, on the long run and make it accessible for all.

The Vice President and Lead Engineer of Amazon Robotics, Brad Porter, stated that “Because of the design innovations and the capabilities of our supply chain, we are confident, we will be able to list them, at a, significantly lower price—almost a third of the cost—than all other reusable face shields currently available to frontline workers.”

For now, the face shield will, only, be accessible, to health frontline workers, but it has been stated that, it will soon be available to all, on the Amazon website.

Featured Image: slashgear

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