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AI Marketing Predictions for 2020 that Marketers Should Know

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The trajectory of Artificial Intelligence over the years has been phenomenal and although this innovative concept, has not been, fully, harnessed, its potentials are enormous.

Man has been able, to simplify the way he interacts, with his environment.

The nature of work is, drastically, changing, as business organisations are, massively, shifting, towards the use of Artificial Intelligence, to engender growth, in their company.

The growing influence, of AI, in the marketing space, maybe a little bit slow, but it is potent enough that, marketers will, only have themselves to blame, if they ignore its benefits.

Some marketers are, however, starting to understand, how easy, their jobs become, each time they use AI-powered tools, in their everyday tasks.

According to Adobe’s latest Digital Intelligence Briefing, (2019), some of the world’s, top-performing companies, are twice as, likely, to be using AI for marketing.

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IDC reports that, globally, retailers invested $5.9B in 2019, into AI-based marketing and customer service solutions, to improve customers buying experiences.

Artificial Intelligence, offers marketers, a lot of opportunities to explore, but prominent among the opportunities is that marketers now have a clearer understanding, of sales circle, which helps them to strategize.

This, simply, leads to better results and it provides leverage for marketers, to have an analytical viewpoint of sales metrics, in relation to CMOs and KPIs.

Here, are 3  AI marketing  predictions, of 2020, that customers, will want more personalised services:

Customers seeking customized solutions

Customer’s needs, are growing by the day and it has been projected that more personalized services, will be needed, to effectively, ensure that, customer’s are satisfied.

What better way, to provide customized and personalized customer satisfaction content, than applying Artificial intelligence?

Personalized services provide a steady revenue generator and according to a recent study from Monetate, “79% of retailers and 75% of general businesses, report ROI, from personalized marketing”.

SEO Strategist will benefit more

The application of AI to SEO, has provided marketers, leverage and makes impossible things, possible.

“AI is, not only, transforming how marketers take business impact to a whole new level, it is, also, helping them elevate and advance their careers” stated Krish Kumar, COO and CRO, at BrightEdge, makers of BrightEdge Autipilot.

Content marketers will focus on Artificial Intelligence

AI will become an essential marketing tool, for content marketing, as it assists marketers, to checkmate the content marketing universe, by analyzing user’s data and enabling marketers, to make a prediction, of user intent.

With the help of chatbots powered by AI, content marketers, get more engagement, on scheduled content.

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