Top Agribusiness Investors in Africa

Credits: reedsmith

Agriculture has been a major source of livelihood of Africa. Africans’ dependence on tilling the soil for food to survive has long since been in motion before the introduction of other developed means of surviving and gaining revenue. Before modernization brought about strategic changes, Agriculture was a major way of living. It was a thing of pride to farm, tilling the ground and harnessing its blessings.

The new era, with its numerous developments, cannot drown the possibilities that stem from Agriculture. Man still needs to survive on its natural resources, however, most people’s focus is shifted to other faster means of survival and income.

Agriculture has is often disregarded as a slow means of income. The different seasons Africa owns places limit in the supply of resources and rearing animals and making products out of resources bound by time. These limitations are seen as a disadvantage but if clearly looked at, a possible benefit is likely.

The space in time for each resource to materialize grows from the investment of time and money. There may not be a tremendous increase but the output it brings after the designated time will supply profit to cover up its season of yield.

Agribusiness Investors know this truth; thus, they deposit money into the business for investments. Below are major Agribusiness Investors in Africa.

Farm Capital Africa Ltd 

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Creating wealth in Africa through investment in businesses profitable in agriculture is the sole vision of Farm Capital Africa Ltd.
The organization assists small scale Agripreneurs in Africa through utilizing strategic networking and technology as well as a strong partnership to offer financial partnership through investment.

Farm Africa is an indirect Investor. It pushes in capital through tactical partnerships aided using technology to feed the need to finance small scale Agricultural businesses in Africa.

The internet is a major tool farm capital Africa uses to raise fund and connect Agripreneurs to investment groups for the exchange of a share of the profits gotten from its produce.

The African Development bank views agriculture in Africa as a key to exposing growth in Africa. It evaluates more than 65% of the world’s arable land located in Africa.

There is a lot that can increase agriculture and farming In Africa and investment is a major way to increase farm yields, improve soil fertility and production of agricultural goods. Negligence to invest in this economic sector will place a limit on farmers who have capacity but lack fund to grow the agricultural sector in Africa.

Lending for African Farming (LAFCo) 

LAFCo is an enterprise that provides financial aid through loans to African agricultural enterprises that deal directly with smallholder farmers.
It aims to grow economic impact in the African agriculture sector with impact on SMEs and smallholder farmers through stable income, increased farm productivity, and reliable markets.

Root Capital

The increase in agricultural enterprises is important to Root Capital. It desires to make agricultural enterprises transformational to their communities.
Root Capital aims at connecting rural farmers with the formal economy.

It invests seeks to improve the lives of rural farmers by connecting them with the formal economy.

The agribusiness investment grows and creates a platform for job creation, women empowerment, and ecosystem preservation.