Agri-tech Startup, Hello Tractor, to expand across Nigeria, Kenya

Hello tractor - cfamedia
Credit: YouTube

Hello Tractor, a Nigerian Agri-tech Startup with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU, (CTA), is set to expand its services beyond Nigeria to East Africa, precisely Kenya.

Hello tractor - cfamedia

This partnership will connect, not less than 5,000 subsistence farmers to those ready to apply mechanization to farming.

In the past few years across Africa, the continent has seen innovation spread through almost the whole region. Innovation in banking, health, transport and the communication industry has been widely visible.

The Agricultural sector is not left out of the mix, as various methods have been used by Agri-Tech concerns across the continent.

Using an Internet of Things, (IoT), enabled digital solution, Hello Tractor connects farmers to tractor owners, who can loan them their tractors. This helps to close the gulf between subsistence and mechanized farming.

In 2018, the Agritech Startup, also had a partnership with IBM Research, to put in place tools that enable farmers to request tractor services at affordable price listings, as well as the provision of security to the owners of tractors, by monitoring them virtually.

With the Startup’s latest collaboration with CTA, subsistence farmers would have an increase in access to services in the mechanized farming system. This partnership would also ensure that youths across Nigeria and Kenya would secure jobs as tractor operators and agents.

Jehiel Oliver, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), of Hello Tractor, described his excitement at entering into the partnership as follows; “Through this collaboration, we will identify, train, and grow the number of youths serving as booking agents, serving the farmers. This partnership will grow demand for tractor services through targeted digital initiatives aimed at better coordinating the market.”

Following a grant received by Hello Tractor after CTA’s call for proposal for mechanization based farming using ICT in Africa.

Michael, CTA Director, noted, “We are delighted to partner with Hello Tractor in expanding its innovative digital platform, to reach a large number of users that will contribute, not only to modernizing smallholder agriculture and increasing productivity but also to attracting young people to agribusiness in Africa.”

The overall aim of the partnership would see an improvement in the delivery of mechanization to smallholder farmers in Nigeria and Kenya.