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AFRI@TECH 2019 SANOFI launches 3 health innovation challenges for startups in Africa

Afric@Tech is sa lab dedicated by SANOFI to encourage innovative African startups at VivaTech holding in Paris on 16-18 May, 2019.

SANOFI invites startups to submit their solutions towards these challenges. This call for projects is free and open to all. Registration and submission of applications can be done online by visiting the information and registration platform here.

A jury of professionals will select qualifying startups in February. Startups will be evaluated according to 5 criteria: concrete evidence of positive results in at least one African country, project maturity, relevance of the solution, market potential and business model, skills, expertise and experience of the team and finally scientific evidence, if applicable.

Selected start-ups will be invited to present their solutions at Afric@Tech where they will defend their projects before a jury comprising of SANOFI representatives and industry professionals. They will be required to demonstrate their solutions to the VivaTech pubic.

Application is open till February 15, 2019

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