AfricArena, in Collaboration with Global TechSpace, is organizing a Lagos Startup Pitch competition.

AfricArena - cfamedia

The African Tech Ecosystem Accelerator, (AfricArena) in partnership with Global TechSpace, is calling on Tech Startups, from all sectors of the economy, to apply for the Lagos Ecosystem Challenge.

These Tech ventures would be the best disruptive Startups of Lagos, to represent Nigeria at the AfricArena Summit, in Cape Town, South Africa, by Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, November 2019.


  • The Startup must be tech inclined
  • Must have existing market validation and traction
  • Must be based in Nigeria
  • Existence of a product/service/technology
  • Must have post revenue

Submission Requirements:

  • Short video of 3minutes maximum. It should be a presentation of your Startup, including traction details
  • You can also share a “Wetransfer” link, or, a Youtube video
  • Deck pitch of 8 slides maximum, (ppt, pdf), of maximum of 50 Megabytes

Benefits of the challenge:

  • Network – The five selected Startups, will meet key actors of the Startup ecosystem, investors and the AfricArena team
  • Pitch – The five pre-selected Startups, will get to pitch, before the judges and get their pitch streamed on Euroquity
  • The bigger picture – The Startups finally selected, gets free VIP entrance to the event, free flight ticket and accommodation in Cape Town, South Africa

Do you already have a market, or, customer validation and have the desire, to benefit from international exposure? Then, apply here. Deadline for submission is Sunday, June 2, 2019, while Friday, June 7, 2019, is the pre-selection event.

Air France Challenge

Get selected by the AIR FRANCE Team and represent your country, at the AfricArena Summit.

Participants would be working on this problem statement, “How innovative solutions could enrich Air France in-flight gaming experience, thanks to onboard connectivity?”

The gaming industry is moving very fast, creating new ways of playing.

Increasingly, more people are playing games, through their smartphone and tablets.

Air France believe that personal devices, are today, the best way to offer new gaming experiences.

Air France would like to offer passengers on all connected aircrafts, the possibility to play online, against other players with their own devices.

The platform is looking for the best innovative game suitable for everybody, simple game rules, create emulation and make passengers want to be the best player.

Eligibility for participation:

  • Innovation solution/services
  • Less than 5 years of experience
  • Early stage/ seed-stage company
  • proven skills in entertainment/gaming
  • Develop a gaming experience that can be implemented with actual Wi-Fi constraints.

Submission Requirements:

  •  A short video with 2 topics – Startup presentation
  • How do you solve the problem? (mpg, mpeg, mp4, mov) Maximum of 50 Megabyte
  • Share your “Wetransfer” link, or, a Youtube video
  • Deck pitch – 8 slides maximum, (ppt, pdf) – Maximum of 50 Megabytes

Applicants must be aware of the following technical information:

  • In-flight connectivity is slower, than on the ground, (limited bandwidth)
  • There is an important latency – 700 to 900ms, (counted double, when gaming between different flights)
  • Encountering drops in service, due to satellite switch
  • Ability to store the game on an onboard server, which can solve the satellite connection issues
  • Capacity to have the game played on smartphones and tablets

Last day for submission– One week before the Event.

You could be a part of this tour, by clicking through this link.

Here is a global report on Lagos Startup Ecosystem.

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