Acquiring The First Set Of Customers For Your Startup

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There are steps to follow, in achieving early stage success for a Startup.

One of the very initial steps is trying to get your customers on board.

Putting so much energy in the prospects of your startup would entail, is quite fantastic; nevertheless, getting your first set of customers, is equally important.

As a startup, trying to raise funds from the big venture capitalists, sounds pretty good, but at the same time, a deliberate effort must be put in place, to focus on customer acquisition.

With time, persuading investors, with great ideas, will no longer be enough, as your fund providers are itching to get results.

What can guarantee your raking in sales, if not the paying customers you are able to acquire sooner?

It is quite obvious that, startups that are new to ventures do not have big money set aside, for the acquisition of customers.

A small budget may not get you the necessary results, as you cannot use the services of agencies.

Does this mean that, there are no longer alternatives? No. You just, have to get your first customers yourself.

In the shortest space of time, you need to show your viability, before going through the journey of fundraising.

So that your first step might not result to leading you on a journey of a thousand miles, in the wrong direction.

You do not have to worry about your tight budget. You can follow the tips below:

Conferences And Trade Show Attendance

Your presence, at these events, gives you access to important Contacts in your industry, which you can step up to connect with.

Though, it is not an ultimate guarantee that, this customer acquisition strategy, will get you the required results quickly, nevertheless, there is basically no harm in giving it a shot.

Cold-calling Still Works

Credit: leadheroes

Uber itself, started off with cold-calling limousine companies and the rest is history.

LinkedIn is also a good platform to kick-start this process.

As great as this tip appears, it can also be a customer acquisition strategy that could mar your genuine attempt, if taken on a wrong foot.

How do you ensure that, this does not go bad? Do not attempt to get a deal closed on your first introductory call.

Do Not Forget Paid Ads

Credit: theprauthority

You cannot actually do without trying out paid ads, in the early stages of your startup, as this effort would allow you to test some metrics, immediately.

This will help your business model to know how to drive revenue and helps you to validate the assumptions that you created in your business model.

For starters, you could explore Google and some social media channels, with a low dedicated budget.

You do not necessarily need the services of agencies. Do it yourself.

At the initial stage, it would appear a daunting task to acquire your customers, nevertheless following through the steps outlined above is a pointer to success.