Abundance Of Tech Opportunities on the African Continent

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Tech opportunities in Africa, are enormous and the rate, at which technology is being adopted, on the continent is, on the rise.

Every day, an entrepreneur somewhere, on the continent is, leveraging technology, to develop a solution that, tackles a specific problem.

Africa is, slowly, rising up, to harness the dividends of technology and one can find out, how far we have gone, in this sphere, in terms of the tech ecosystem, such as financial inclusion, healthcare, (e-health) and e-government, has grown, over the years.

The population in Africa is, always on the rise and it has been postulated that, by 2050, Africa will contribute, over half of the world’s population.

The population will be, mostly, youths and under the working age, with enough knowledge of the internet and how to, effectively, harness technology.

In 2019, the Internet World Stats released a report that, states that, internet penetration in Africa, orbits around 39.8 percent.

The growth rate has been measured, to be about 129x and the adoption of submarine cable, over the last twenty years, drastically, reduced internet costs, powering this exponential growth.

The growth of internet penetration has contributed, to the adoption of technology and gives an increase, to the growth of technological innovation, thus, increasing tech opportunities, on the continent.

Smartphones are now more accessible and affordable than ever before and for every five people, (in Africa), you meet, 4 have a smartphone and understand how to, effectively, use it.

Africans now have the ability, to surf the internet faster, download billions of contents and create some amazing things, using tools, such as Hyperlapse, LumaFusion, Mojo, Nikon SnapBridge, Adobe Spark Post, 8mm, FiLMic Pro, Halide, Photo Director, Pixaloop, ProCam, to produce their personal content and share on their social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

One of the things affecting the growth of Africa has been the lingering issue, of unemployment, but this, also, seems to be having a headway, as Africans are beginning to understand the power of technology and what they can use it to create.

The growth of coding, software productions and some other applications are, still, low and Africa is, losing a lot, in this sphere.

The government and private organisations, need to do more, to create awareness on what people, (and the country) stand to benefit from delving into this field.

There are billions of tech opportunities in Africa, but we will not benefit from these until we start delving into it and teaching the young ones.

Africa has developed, to the stage, where it needs to start thinking for itself and creating things that will rival those that are being produced, in the Western world and Asia.

Everything needed, to grow, are here. We only, need to access the benefits of tech opportunities and strengthen our local techies in Africa.

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