A Case for “local” Cloud Computing

Cloud computing - cfamedia

Everyone agrees that, technologies have revolutionized and indeed, continues to change the world, as we know it.

Most people would concede that, they have improved connectivity, enhanced creativity and boosted productivity.

A few people and organizations are, however, taking advantage of the potential of technologies, to transform business operations, regardless of the size.

Today, as in other ages, new and emerging technologies, are creating amazing tools, incredible resources and life-changing solutions.

They are changing the way we live, work and even, play.

More importantly, technologies are rapidly impacting the way firms conduct business, enabling organisations to play at levels beyond their natural capacity; helping them punch far, above their weight.

While many technologies have emerged in recent decades there is one, that is now having a profound influence on business operations. This is the cloud computing technology.

In today’s world, where technology is enabling almost everything, businesses that seek to remain sustainable and competitive must embrace cloud technology.

But what is cloud computing?

According to Wikipedia, cloud computing, is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially, data storage and computing power, without direct active management, by the user.

The term is, generally, used, to describe data centers available, to many users over the Internet.

With the growth and deepening penetration of broadband internet services in the country, also, we can safely say that, cloud computing, is here to stay!

With cloud computing, operations that are culturally done onsite, are moved to a hosted environment, that allows firms to consume the required services, on the server, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

It makes it possible for individuals and organisations, to access their systems and desired services, through a remote data center service.

Across the world, cloud computing is already changing the way businesses operate.

It is helping small businesses to achieve phenomenal growth and big ones, to consolidate on their positions and to remain sustainable, over the long term.

Without a doubt, we are at a point where, cloud computing, can no longer be viewed as a nice-to-have, rather, it is an invaluable tool for business sustainability and growth in the emerging digital society.

With a population exceeding 200 million people, Nigeria has over 112 million internet users.

In this market, there are different companies that claim they are cloud computing service providers, however, those who know, insist that Layer3 Cloud, from Layer3, is quickly emerging, as a top notch cloud services provider, almost at par, with the likes of AWS and Microsoft Azure.

What makes Layer3 Cloud so invaluable, is that, it effectively addresses one of the greatest challenges businesses contend with and this is, access to funds for initial capital outlay.

The firm curtails this challenge, by providing affordable service plans, for Startups, so, the limited capital, can be utilized elsewhere.

The company’s aim, it would appear, is to disabuse individuals and organizations of the myth that, it is expensive to digitize business processes.

In addition to this, the firm’s cloud services, run from major data centers in Nigeria, so, payments are made in local currency, eliminating the need to worry about high foreign exchange rates and capital flight.

Furthermore, research indicates that Layer3 Cloud, is the only cloud service provider that, today, offers its clients, the extraordinary option, of hosting their data, either in Abuja, or, Lagos.

This aligns with the government’s policy on localization of data, in the interest of national security. Indeed, keeping data within national borders, is gaining acceptance globally, as many countries pay particular attention, to data privacy issues and are adopting stringent measures to preserve local data.

The firm is good, at what it does. Indeed, it is renowned, for, successfully, delivering innovative IT solutions, to some of the most demanding companies, while equally collaborating, with Startups, to ensure they derive maximum value, from their technology projects.

At the moment, there are all sorts of benefits which cloud computing confers, but the most important one, is that, it levels the playing field, thus, enabling businesses of all sizes, to compete on, almost, equal footing.

Indeed, all businesses, can now have access to everything from servers, to mobility, on devices required, to develop competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Cloud computing - cfamedia

With access to the cloud, businesses can, streamline business integration, while creating room for future expansion.

Experts have described cloud computing, as the wave of the future; a, future that has, however, arrived, far quicker, than many anticipated.

In the scramble to keep abreast of transformation curve and indeed, gain an advantage, companies are creating partnerships, cementing alliances and, or, else, considering their options.

No one, no company and certainly, no government can afford to be left behind.

Welcome the future. Welcome cloud computing!