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8 Great Tips to Boost You Followership on Social Media

Dopamine is the feeling of euphoria that comes from the brain which increases pleasure. It causes us to seek, desire and search. When we post things on social media and get likes and followers, dopamine has been released. It is natural, and we have all got it.

Gaining social media likes, shares, retweets or views are trending today’s society. Everyone wants to become an influencer, getting paid for posting stuff online, although some would rather stick with just having as many friends as possible. They are okay when they get much views and likes.

There are lots of tricks to becoming a huge social media celebrity that doesn’t involve having to buy likes, which is not advisable from a lead conversation point of view.

However, here are a few things you could do to boost your followership on social media.

1. Hashtags: As casual as that sounds, it is essential. Using a popular and relevant hashtag gets more viewers to your page, more likes, and more followers.

2. The frequency of updates: Posting frequently on your network is another trick to gaining more followers. The more you post, the more people get absorbed in your posts especially when they are interesting.

3. Fun all the way: Make your posts fun for people to read or view, bring humor to the game and gain those followers big time.

4. The law of reciprocity: You want to gain more followers? Then follow more people, more likes? Keep liking the posts of others, same goes for shares and retweets.

5. Freebies: Giving out freebies would sure get you more followers. It could be airtime, cash or any other gift item, just as long as you are giving out stuff, people will be happy.

Make them do tasks like sharing and inviting their friends to like your posts and the one with the highest wins. Most importantly always fulfill your promise.

6. Impress: Whether it is a photo, write up or video, keep it 100 unique, smart and sharp.

7. Influencers: As the name implies, these are highly important personnel in the social media world, and if you want to become like them, you would need to reach out to them. When they endorse you, their many followers will follow.

8. The Million dollar tip: Visit those barely functional pages of organizations, leave insightful and frequent comments or answers to their questions or posts, their millions of followers who are not so active on the page would most definitely see your comments and pick interest. Try it, it works.