8 Daily Artificial Intelligence Applications you May Have Taken for Granted

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Artificial Intelligence, AI, may no longer be new, to an average internet user, however, not all are experts, in technology, thus, they fall short, of having the awareness of AI’s impact on their lives and daily activities.

An average consumer uses AI daily, through interaction with technology.

Right from Google search, down to social media ads, AI has always been present.

To put a comprehensive meaning to, how AI has deepened its influence, in this modern age, below are some Artificial Intelligence applications, that, many people, may not have thought of:

Better Customer Service Delivery

AI has most, likely, changed the way we interact with customer services, as you are no longer required, to keep on repeating the same information, to your agents, at the call centres.
In modern times, insights, from previous interactions, are used by brands.

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AI, through data analytics, assist brands, in determining what their customers require, thus, delivering brilliant customer experience to their customers.

Personalised Shopping Experience

Shopping online, on an ecommerce website, on clicking on any product, the site provides you with probable recommendations, of similar products.

These are personalised recommendations, of useful products, made possible, by algorithms, through AI.

Using some form of deep learning, AI is, able to come up, with these results.

Efficient Recruitment

In preparing your résumé, you should not write for the recruiter, but rather, for the computer.

On some recruitment websites, the backend has been empowered, through AI, using machine learning, to shortlist résumés, based on qualifications and skills that match requirements.

Do not be surprised here that, AI takes the first review, on your résumé, before the actual human recruiters do.

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Running Smooth Apps Services

AI, makes some service applications run smoothly, as that is the average expectation of a consumer. In its long-range function, better than what can be done manually, AI identifies problems, at a fast rate and gets them resolved.

Better than what can be achieved manually, or, what humans could do, AI identifies patterns, while monitoring data set.

Finance Protection

Leveraging machine learning, AI has assisted financial institutions, to spot out activities, on your account, based on fraud. This, seemingly simple act, has saved a lot of people, from breakdown, owing to an online financial threat.

Improving Agriculture

The thought of AI, might not, even, strike your mind, when consuming food, however, AI has immensely contributed, to agriculture.

Thanks to AI, models on machine learning, can predict climatic changes that, affect crop yield. Big data, does help, with the difference, between weeds and plants, for control.

Ensuring Safety For Security Companies

Employing the tools of AI, security companies, do ensure safety, from cyber-attacks. Some years back, getting to identify threats, appears a very difficult task, but AI has made it, at least, quite easy. AI, uses deep learning, to run this model.

Improved Video Surveillance

In major cities, you find video cameras on highways. These are devices, put in place, to control traffic, as well as, for security purposes.

Machine and deep learning capacities, using AI, can identify speed problems and traffic control.

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