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7 Mistakes Android Users Make

Everybody has got his or her preferred way or style of using his/her phone. This, in any way it is used, has reached an overall effect on the health of your phone.

Some of the things we do with our phones that are simply wrong. They reduce the lifespan of your smartphone; make them lose value in a short while.

Such common mistakes are as follows

Charging and using the phone simultaneously

This one is prevalent. Loading of your phone and making use of it at the same time is very wrong.

Aside from the fact that the battery will get spoilt, we keep moving the phone while it is plugged, this makes the contact point of the charger to be shaking, which then leads to it being shortened.

Overcharging of phones (overnight charging)

Although there is a setup on phones that allows it to stop charging when it is full, constant overnight charging of phones is wrong.

Using wrong Accessories

Every manufacturer of smartphones has their specific type of accessories that are to be used with a particular product. Most people use wrong accessories such as chargers, USB, etc. which is wrong. The primary reason for this is because such accessories are cheaper than the original and authentic ones.

Leaving all Network Connections on all the time

Connections include NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi, Data connection, Location. This cuts your battery life by half.

Downloading anything downloadable

Most phone users download everything they find, especially ads that pop up on browsers. This is wrong

Use of Live Homepage Wallpapers

Using live wallpaper looks cool. But, we are working with a battery that needs to be often fed. This continually drains the battery, even when background light is off.

Downloading and Installing too many Antivirus

Some time ago, when my friend gave me his phone to help him resolve an issue, I saw that he had up to 4 antiviruses. I was amazed. This is wrong. Some of these apps are the free versions and are not updated.


We should learn to use our phones smartly. For it is called a smartphone.

What other habits do you think phone users use, and are they wrong?