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6 Website Marketing Data You Need To Track, As A Business Owner

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You have recently launched your small business website, so, what next should you have at the back of your mind?

Important marketing decisions ought to be the main priority that would make you record significant growth in your marketing activities and by extension, your business.

Most probably, you employed a WordPress site, where you need to make use of data-driven decisions to enhance your business growth.

What are you supposed to do, to make this relevant to your business growth?

Importance of Tracking Marketing Data in WordPress sites

Increasing your traffic, would be easier, if you know, how your potential clients find and make use of your website

Tracking certain marketing metrics, is a very essential factor that business owners must take cognizance of, on their WordPress site.

For instance, you can learn what visitors do, on your website.

The device, through which they visit and the articles getting the most view from them, can be nice easily known.

Running an online store, like an E-commerce site, you could get to see the conversion rates on your site and the page that drives your sales.

All these marketing data you obtain, can be put in place, to make an informed decision m, which could affect your business growth.

Let us consider some of these website marketing data below:

Google analytics

Marketing data - cfamedia

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This is, unarguably, the most used website analytic tool, among bloggers. marketers and entrepreneurs.

Google Analytics comes with its many insights, such as:

  • Number of page views
  • Number of visitors
  • Interaction with your website
  • Device and location of your visitors

E-commerce Tracking

As an entrepreneur, you cannot escape tracking results on E-commerce, if you operate an online store.

This will enhance your tracking the following:

  • Product lists and sales performance
  • The Shopping behavior of your customers
  • Tracking abandoned cart information

With the WooCommerce plugin, you would find it easy to enhance E-commerce tracking on your WordPress site.

Tracking Engagement Data

Marketing data - cfamedia
This indicates what users do, when they arrive on your website.

With this result, you can identify a pattern of users behavior, with your site, This is what leads to sales and conversion.

For instance, results may show you that, the visit to a specific page, is translating to visitors, making a purchase.

This insight will influence how you channel more resources to that page, so, as, to encourage more users to visit.

You would be able to track:

  • Page views per session
  • Monitoring bounce rate
  • Your most popular content
  • Time that users spent on your website

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

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Facebook allows you to display target ads to people, who have visited your site, in the past/ It is called re-targeting.

On your WordPress site, you can install a Facebook pixel, to enhance the display of targeted ads to a visitor, on your site, in the last six months.

You might not be running a Facebook advertising campaign, but it is necessary that, you install the pixel, to enable re-targeting.

When you start running a campaign on Facebook advertising, you would get to see your ad performance, through Facebook Insights.

Email List Growth


Available email marketing services, provide you with insights like, click-through rate, unsubscribed rate and open rate.

You also get to see the traffic emerging from the campaign of your email.

You see how well your email newsletter traffic converts and efforts to put in for improvement.

This tracking, will also help you, to grow your email list, create new email forms and boost subscription from popups.

Keyword Rankings

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It is always better, to focus on what is working for you. You need to know the exact keywords that, are generating traffic to your website.

For a beginner, you might manually do a keyword search, through Google, but this will cost you to miss out in a lot of things.

There are keyword ranking tools that you could employ to obtain great data on keyword information.

You could also go, as far as, researching the keywords used by your competitors.