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6 Tips To Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life

The battery capacity of a phone is one of the features that anyone that wants to buy new phone checks out for. In some cases, it is the determining factor. This is because it is one of the essential parts of the phone. Even high-end phones are not left out of this.

Many factors cause a phone’s battery to drain fast. Improvements of the smartphones have made us see slimmer devices, smaller sized phones and this has led to a continuous reduction of the battery size, while there is an increase in processing speed, software running in the background, migration from 3G to 4G.

This leaves users of mobile phone managing their use of phones to have a longer running time. Most users will be lucky to have their phone on standby for a day, some 12 hours, with the hope of charging while they sleep at night.

Fortunately, there are many ways to boost your battery’s lifespan.

Identify what is draining your battery.

You can’t solve a problem unless you know what the cause of that problem is.

Go to settings, then battery or power, the apps, and their usage rate will display in descending order. Indeed, some apps that are frequently used will carry a vast percent, but if you notice any app, you barely use, uninstall or disable it completely.

Turn off data connection

Most of us can’t do without being online all the time. Radio and or data connection on a smartphone drains the battery juice at a high rate. Turn off such connections when not in use.

Cut off Apps running in the background

No doubt some apps that run in the background are necessary for the phone to function normally. But some apps are not necessary. Go to settings on your phone, from settings go to apps, and then running. Here you can stop the ones draining your battery juice.

Reduce or turn off brightness

This might have been the first option. It saves quite some battery life. Don’t put the brightness on Automatic; pull it a little towards the end.

Charge your phone smartly

Most phone users charge their phone in the wrong way. Do not overcharge your battery. Also, allow a battery that is charged to be used for charging it again. Use correct charger specs.

Avoid the use of Live Wallpapers and unnecessary gadgets.

Your homepage should use the minimal battery as possible. Disable live wallpaper and some gadgets you do not need.

If you have got questions, we are here to help.