6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

Sometimes, I get software update on my smartphone, I don’t bother. For some people, they don’t give a damn about app download, they download any application that comes their way.

TrendMicro, cybersecurity company predicted some time that the Android ecosystem alone will see 1 million malicious or dangerous apps.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

There are things we do with out smart phones that doesn’t just worth it. We sometimes, unconsciously do them bearing the brunt in the long run.

I have compiled list of things we should avoid doing on our smartphones.


Leo my buddy falls into this category. He is so much obsessed about conserving his data. ” I don’t like wasting my data on things that doesn’t matter, he will always say”. He doesn’t care about software update.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

Periodically, we get this update from phone manufacturers. Your smartphone’s operating system and apps requires occasional updates, mostly for security purposes. Just accept updates for your phone’s operating system and security software as soon as you’re notified. Software update doesn’t just come like that without a reason, so you have to update.


Do you even understand why you are getting your smartphone rooted? Does it worth rooting. Just be absolutely sure you know what you’re doing first.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

Virtually, all smartphones have restrictions from the factory on the apps can be installed. Because it’s not all apps that can be installed. Apart from this, there is a level of access users have to their smartphone’s operating system. In fact, rooting your Android device removes those restrictions. And this is not good, because you will gain access to some hidden system settings.

Also, you have to consider this, when rooting your device. Once those safeguards are gone, it’s much easier for malware to find your phone and your information.


Public or free Wi-Fi is always good to use but you have to consider vulnerabilities involved. No doubt, using Wi-Fi networks is cheaper than using mobile data, especially with the high cost data plans.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

The loophole about connecting to Wi-Fi is that all the information you send and receive visible to anyone on the network, especially if you know how to check. This kind of information or connection gives hackers an easy route into your device. But I prefer you stick with your mobile data network.


Most of the malicious app always look very safe and legitimate. There is no hundred percent guarantee that downloading from recognized, trusted sources only. Official app stores like Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store are the safest options. But those are the sources you need.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

Research each app yourself, and before you download, make sure you understand which information and settings the app can access.


Never click on a link in a text message, even one from a friend. If you receive an email asking you to click a link and log in to your account, never do it from your phone.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

“Users are three times more likely to fall for phishing scams on smartphones than on computers, according to security firm RSA”.


Developing that habit of maintaining antivirus software on your smartphone can help avoid infection, or detect it in time to keep the device off your network until it is clean.

6 Things you Must Avoid When Using a Smartphone

Obviously, some PCs get infected due to connection with our smartphone, either through Wi-Fi or cable. If your phone is infected with a malware, it can spread to every computer, tablet, and smartphone on the network.

In conclusion, it is very crucial to pay close attention to these things that have been mentioned.

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