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6 Smartphone Hacks you Need to Know

Smartphones are proliferating year after year making them quite cheaper than ever. It’s affordable and people are buying them including the top brand devices.

The smartphone is like a mini computer that could virtually do everything. That is why people spend hundreds of thousands to buy a smartphone.

The era of smartphone has gone beyond just making calls, chat on social media or send text messages. You may not need to visit the internet shop to carry out certain functions.

Here are certain smartphone hacks that would make make life easier for you.

Enable WiFi to be on when phone not in use

This hack could probably save you money, time, because you won’t need to turn it on all the time when you need to use it.

You can be doing all your downloads when your smartphone is not in use. This will save your battery life. To turn this on, go to settings, tap Advanced and select Always on the Keep WiFi on during sleep.

Compress your browser to save data

Do you know that you cut off your data budget by 35% if you could compress your data consumption when surfing the internet? Open your chrome browser, go to settings, scroll down and turn on Data Saver.

Save important web pages offline to save data

When doing research and browsing online using your smartphone, you can avoid reloading and waiting of pages we visited before by saving them offline. You can now access those files without data on your smartphone.

Secure your phone with a lock code/Pattern

Except you don’t have anything to lose, you should not leave your phone without a security lock. Not just for security issues, this will also prevent you from pressing your phone anyhow without knowing.

Learn the habit of restarting your phone from time to time.

In as much as phones are machines, they really don’t mind being refreshed from time to time. If your phone has been running for a while, pause, restart it. This gives it a fresh start and optimal performance.

Reduce Phone brightness

I am a big supporter of this. Always have your phone brightness on the lowest possible. Possible I mean the one that you will not have to strain your eyes to see. This will prevent eye problems and also save your battery life.

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