6 New Technological Inventions That, Will Blow Your Mind Away

One beautiful thing about technological inventions has to do, with the way it is evolving. Technological inventions have never been a one-man show.

It is the combination of research and rules that, has been, carefully, laid down, well documented and preserved, through generations.

Technological inventions have not only made man’s life easier but also given man tools to control things that are normally beyond his control and comprehension.

Technological inventions have not, only, given man, the tools to explore and study his environment, but, also, the ability to explore the outer space.

In 2018, a record-breaking quarter-million filing mark was passed by WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty, (PCT). That was a 3.9% increase, to that of 2017.

There are thousands of things, being invented daily and 2019 has seen a lot of technological inventions.

Here are 6 new technological inventions that are trending in 2019:

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Imagine that, you are in a gathering of people, with your family and then, all of a sudden, you can no longer find one of your family members.

Frightening right? You, however, need not worry, going forward, as with the LynQ, you can easily track the person.

LynQ is the world’s, most advanced, long-range, real-time tracker and can track anyone, even, when their cell phone is off.

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Here is a piece of technology that ensures that your kids learn how to code, in a simple and fun way. The wand is connected, to your device, through Bluetooth.

Solar Highway
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Just, when you think you have seen enough of awesome technological inventions, this awesome piece springs up. Imagine driving on the highway, made of solar panels. Incredible! Right?

Protecting the solar wafers, are layers of shatter-proof Gorilla Glass that, can be used to generate electricity, from any surface.

On a snowy day, this awesome technology can generate enough heat, to melt the snow.

New technological inventions - cfamedia
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Here is a washing device that ensures that tough stains are washed away.

Dolfi is an ultrasonic-powered washing solution that ensures that you do not exert too much energy, in washing stubborn stains off your clothes any longer.

Just soak the clothes with Dolfi and it does the job for you.

Padrone Ring
New technological inventions - cfamedia

Most of us can attest to the fact that it is, sometimes stressful, dragging the computer mouse, up and down the work table, but Padrone Ring is, set to simplify that.

Padrone Ring mouse is the new computer mouse, in the shape of a ring that, you can wear on one of your fingers. You can connect it, to your computer, via Bluetooth.

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