5G Networks And Its Attendant Benefits To Boosting The Economy And Improving Lives As Unveiled By NCC (3)

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In this piece, some more benefits to be derived from the deployment of the 5G networks in Nigeria, as unveiled by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, will be highlighted below.

5G set to support businesses

The deployment of the 5G networks will support businesses’ innovative ambitions and create new markets, transforming the supply chain management and creating smarter, more efficient manufacturing.

This is because, inter-connectivity online will be faster, enabling the businesses to take faster decisions.

5G will reduce costs and build efficiencies

The deployment of 5G networks will reduce costs to businesses and individuals, as well as build efficiencies and positively grow their businesses.

This is bound to translate to increased revenue.

Studies conducted, have shown that, by the end of 2020, more than half of all new businesses that are springing up, will rely on Internet of Things, “IoT”, to enable them cut costs, build efficiencies and grow their bottom lines.

The Commission, however, noted that, many of the innovations that the 5G networks technology can bring to us, may not be available yet in Nigeria.

5G will enable faster rates of download and upload of data

Deploying the 5G networks will enable the streaming downloading and uploading a lot of data, at a much faster rate than we are currently able to, using the 4G networks.

This means higher definition, HD, videos, either, from TV, or using video conferencing.

5G networks deployment is designed, to facilitate a wealth of new applications for wireless technologies.

5G will enable the operation of Driverless Cars and Drones in safety

The deployment of the 5G networks, will enable Driverless cars and drones, to safely and near-instantaneously, send and receive information about their surroundings that will allow them, to operate safely.

5G will enable Immersive Virtual and Augmented Realities

5G networks deployment, will enable Immersive Virtual and Augmented Realities, become more feasible experiences.

This is because, large quantities of data associated with HD graphics and processing external data, can be transferred between devices, accurately and quickly.

5G can assist in the provision of better healthcare services

With 5G networks deployment, can enable healthcare personnel to predict which patients are more likely, to have post-operative complications, through Artificial Intelligence, allowing our healthcare systems to provide early interventions, at saving lives, when necessary.

5G is capable of revolutionising our shopping experience

The deployment of this network can enable Mobile Augmented Reality, AR, shopping experiences, will revolutionise retail. Customers will be enabled to visualize products in a local environment.

In-store, AR, will enable shoppers to view additional information on a product simply, by merely pointing their phones at it.

The concluding piece on the benefits derivable from the deployment of 5G networks in Nigeria, as enumerated by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, will be highlighted in the next pieces in this series. Please, watch out for it.

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