5G Networks And Its Attendant Benefits To Boosting The Economy And Improving Lives As Unveiled By NCC (2)

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In the last piece, some benefits to be derived from the deployment of the 5G networks in Nigeria, as unveiled by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, were put forward. Today’s piece will continue in that regard.

Some of the other economic and individual benefits, identified by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, that will be derived from deploying the 5G networks in Nigeria, include the following:

5G will boost the economy faster than 4G could

5G tops out at 10GB/s. It is 10 to 100 times faster than 4G. The use of shorter frequencies, (millimeter waves between 30GHz and 300GHz), for 5G networks is the reason 5G is so fast.

This will enable jobs to be completed faster and decisions made faster too and will, in turn, reflect on the boom in the economy.

5G will enable the full potentials of Internet of Things

Nigeria has made a lot of progress, since the global system of mobile communication, (GSM), was introduced in Nigeria in the early 2000s, A marked improvement on the first 4 generations of networks, the 5G networks is the bedrock of future communications in the world, including Nigeria.

According to GSMA’s Policy Position on the 5G spectrum, ‘5G is expected to support, significantly, faster mobile broadband speeds and lower latency, than previous generations, while, also enabling the full potential of the Internet of Things’.

Once this is religiously pursued, the much-desired economic boom and growth will be achieved.

5G is set to revolutionise and transform the way we live

With the high speed, low latency and the ability to support the Internet of Things that is coming with the 5G networks deployment, it is obvious that, many aspects of our way of life, will be revolutionised and transformed.

The modus operandi of our education, agriculture, security, entertainment, business sectors and governance in general.

On education sector for instance, the network is set to transform the system. The availability of a fast-wireless network that will come with the deployment of the 5G networks, will enable virtual learning in our schools.

For our educators, 5G networks will empower them to re-imagine what is possible, inside and outside their classrooms.

The ability to download high quality and feature-length documentary in seconds, hosting a guest speaker, via hologram, or teaching students virtually, in real-time, will all be made possible, in a 5G networks-enabled Nigeria.

5G will enable us have a better healthcare delivery system

5G networks deployment in Nigeria, will enable the revolution of our healthcare delivery system, through Artificial intelligence, (AI).

This is because, 5G will make it easier, to determine potential diagnosis and decide on the best treatment plan for patients and lots more.

By moving to 5G networks, healthcare organisations can use the AI tools they need, to provide the best care possible from wherever they are in the hospitals, or clinic.

More benefits derivable from the deployment of 5G networks in Nigeria, as put forward by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, will be highlighted in the 2 subsequent pieces in this series. Please, watch out for them.

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