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5 Top Websites you Could Earn Extra Money

Almost everybody is in a financial position where they need to make more money. For someone to be financially independent there have to be some multiple streams of income.

Multiple streams of income allow you to have different sources or income and for that to happen. You may need different kind of jobs and different platforms for it to work.

Interestingly, the internet has made everything a bit simpler when compared to last two decades. There are different websites presently where one could leverage to earn more money.

Although there are lots of scams online, however, there are still authentic websites where you could offer some services to earn more money.

Here are some websites that allow you to do that:


Of course, Fiver would be number one on my list. Probably, one of the most popular sites when it comes to freelance services. When you have multiple skills, you could web lots of millions.

Clients are always visiting Fiver, seeking for one particular service or the other. The wrong side is that freelancers are ready to receive peanut for a colossal task. Just know that Fiver isn’t going to make you rich. However, an excellent platform to start off.


The problem with working on TaskRabbit is that you need in a particular location for the specific weeding job.

This is a website where people log onto to seek for people who could run errands, weed gardens, and house chores. This is not an online task; you have to be in the client’s place to carry out your job.

It’s a good platform to start off from and earn good cash.


As mentioned earlier, the internet is becoming more sophisticated. You can now hire people who could research this platform. If you have researching skills, that would be an excellent platform for you to explore.

Clients don’t just hire researchers on this platform. You have to know what you are doing instead of having the money making mind-set. Once a client understands that you know your onus, you stand a chance.

This is similar to an e-commerce site. If you have clothes, toys or games, you send them; Swap will sell it for you. If you can send clothes or goods that are high in demand, you get good odds and earn lots of money.

On the other hand, Swap could also reject them. That is why I emphasize the quality of what you are sending.


This is a top website where one could sell smartphones especially Apple device. You are offered cash in exchange for this device.

If you agree to sell your device, Gazzele pays for shipping cost and even send you packaging materials for the device. However, it is ideal if you have a PayPal account. That is payment platform where money could be transferred to you.


If you are crafty and could make jewellery or refrigerator magnets, Etsy becomes a place where you could sell them. Clients or buyers visit this website to buy items.

That’s an avenue to start making some cash. Even if you are not crafty yet, you have an opportunity to begin learning some craft, to earn that extra income.

This may not be too juicy because you I doubt d you would have lots of cards that would earn you the kind of money you need.

This is a website where you sell gift cards, especially Christmas cards.