5 Top, Most Sought After, Technical Skills Of 2019

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Are you thinking of picking up a technical skill and wondering, which of the skills to choose?

Or you are wondering which of the technical skills are trending and may, likely, still, be relevant in the nearest future, or, those that, will become obsolete, with the passage of time?

Are you thinking of switching careers, in order to increase your marketability?

In this article, we will be looking at, the best technical skills that are, not only, the most relevant and sought after skills, but skills that will still be topping the chart, far into the future.

According to Melinda Gates, “To be successful, every single one of us has to learn new skills; not just once, but throughout our careers”.

The rapid evolution of disruptive technologies has mandated people, to keep learning new technical skills.

In order to stay abreast of all the latest tech trends and according to a 2019 job analysis, carried out by LinkedIn, 25 technical skills of 2019, were highlighted.

We will be looking at the top 5, of these technical skills  for 2019:

Cloud Computing

According to the report, of an analysis, released by LinkedIn, Cloud computing comes first, trumping artificial intelligence to second place.

It has been projected by Gartner that, 2019 will witness, a 17.33% growth, in the market for public cloud services, as more companies are now switching, to cloud computing solutions.

The most in-demand cloud computing technical skills include, Amazon Web Service, (AWS), Software Development, Java, Docker, Linux, etc.

On average, cloud computing technicians/professionals, earn $146,350 as salary.

Top recommended courses, to apply for includes:

  • Amazon Web Services, (for Developers)
  • Amazon Web Services, (Advanced Security)

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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

AI and Machine learning, seems a little bit confusing, for some people, but there is really not much difference, as there is a path, in which they intertwine.

While AI relates to machines working smarter, Machine learning relates, to the process, through which AI is applied.

There are few professionals in this field, although, according to reports, there has been an upward increase, in terms of demand for specialists in this field.

While AI specialist average take-home pay in a year is, over a million dollars, Machine learning specialist pockets more than $114,000.

Recommended courses to apply for includes,

  • Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Classification Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks

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Employers demand this technical skill is, on the rise and it will do you well to venture into it now, to improve yourself.

Businesses now need the professional help, of UX design specialists, to enable them understand how best to, seamlessly close in, with user’s needs, through testing and analysis.

Mobile platform, AI, VR, VR, etc. are platforms that need the inputs, of UX Design specialists.

The average salary is expected to be $93,000 for midpoint and $115,000 for senior positions.

Recommended courses to apply for includes,

  • Multi-device Design
  • UX Design: 01 Overview
  • UX Research for Agile Teams

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Mobile Application Development
technical skills of 2019 - cfamedia
Credit: triffort

This specialization is, also, one of the most sought-after technical skills that are, currently trending and its demand is, not going down anytime soon.

Lots of businesses now have apps as, this makes it very easy for their products and services, to be more accessible.

The average salary of a mobile app developer is $73,215.

Recommended courses, to apply for, include:

  • React Native Essential Training
  • iOS 12 Development Essential Training: 1 Fundamental, UI, and Architecture
  • iOS 12 Development Essential Training: 2 Web Content, Views, and Distribution
Analytical Reasoning
technical skills of 2019 - cfamedia
Credit: examplanning

This skill, calls for the ability to, critically, access information, in order to breakdown and analyse the patterns, within the information.

What makes this skill very important is, basically, its demand by employers, as companies now have to analyse and interpret the influx of data. The average salary is $74,124 per year.

Recommended courses to apply for, include:

  • Making Decisions
  • Decision Making Strategies

There are other technical skills of 2019, but the above mentioned are the ones that give you a much more leverage

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