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5 Things You Should do Before Switching from Android to iPhone

Switching to from Android to iPhone? Yes, there are reasons this could happen. Both have merits and demerits. More people are using iPhone today compared to previous years. It’s becoming a bit affordable and that is good.
If you are using an Android device and you intend switching to an iPhone. It wouldn’t be a bad try. What is critical here is your data. How do you move them to an iPhone?
I have outlined some steps you could follow to move your contacts, photos, SMS, web history, mail, and even some apps that are supported by both OS.
Before you perform any of these steps, make sure that:
  1. Both phones are fullly charged and connected to a power supply
  2. Your Wi fi is turned on
  3. Off your network connection and make sure you are not interrupted during the process.
Stop other apps from running
  1. Update the apps you wish to transfer. Do not set up your new iPhone before doing these steps. You will have to undo everything or use the manaul steps.
  2. Your iPhone is running on later versions such as version 9 and above, and the android phone is from version 4.0 upwards.
  3. Make sure the carrying capacity of your iPhone measures up the what you are going to introduce to it.
Download and Install Move to iOS app
This app can be downloaded from your Google playstore. This should be installed on your old android phone before the whole set up. This is how to use the app to move your files:
1. Open the Move to iOS app on your phone. Accept the conditions when it pops up and click Continue.
2. The next page you should see Find Your Code click Next.
Now go to your iPhone.
3. On the screen of your iPhone, tap Continue on the screen that shows Move from Android device. After some few seconds there will show on your screen codes. Enter these codes on your old Android phone from which you are moving your files from.
4. On your Android device, you will be asked to select the files you will want to move on the transfer files now message that will show up.
The transfer will start now. Wait for the count to finish.
Note that even if the counting finishes on your old android, please wait for the iPhone to complete it’s own. The larger the files being transferred are, the longer time it will take.
You might want to grab a cup of coffee while this finishes.
5. When both phone has finished transferring. End the process on your Android phone by pressing done. On your iPhone click on continue and proceed with the rest of the setup.
Note: Let there be no interruption of the two phones either by calls or message during the process. You will start again.

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