5 Key Things To Note, Before Calling Yourself An Entrepreneur in the Business World

According to a report, by the editors of asianentrepreneur, there are just over 400 million entrepreneurs globally. That is around 5% of the total world population.

Entrepreneurs, spring out, in every part of the world now and through their start-up’s solutions, they have become an essential and one of the key contributors, to a country’s national GDP.

Nowadays, most people, want to be called entrepreneurs because, they have been able to think about an idea.

Being an entrepreneur goes beyond you, just thinking and daydreaming about a solution.

It is about, working hard to create that much-needed solution, to an existing problem in the business world. Solutions, that people do not, even, know that they need

Below are 5 key things to note, before calling yourself an entrepreneur:

Do You Have An Entrepreneurial DNA?

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Sometimes, entrepreneurs are, often, referred to, as “mad people” because of their dogged attitude.

You just have to be very crazy, when it comes to breathing life into that start-up of yours in other for it to survive in the business world.

People will reject you and some will, even, go as far as deleting your details from their contact, but are you willing to keep going?

Do you have that dogged spirit, even, when everything seems to be falling apart?

Do You Have A Business Partner?


Going into some areas of business, just requires that, you should have a business partner, or, partners.

If you do not have, then, you really are not ready for this journey.

The journey can be very frustrating, if you decide to do it alone, sometimes, because, when those disappointing moments start rushing in and hitting you head-on, it is way better, to have partners, so that, you all, can console yourselves, re-strategize and move on in a new and better direction.

Have You Taken Any Risks?

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Being an entrepreneur in the business world, is about taking risks. Taking risk is part and parcel of the whole package.

It is, either, you are in, or, out and when you are in, you give it your all.

Take well calculated risks and then, flow with the tide. If you are afraid of taking risks, then, you are not ready to be an entrepreneur.

Do You Know How To Manage Success?

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You need to know the best way to manage success. If you do not know how to do that, you need to speak to your mentors and read books.

Success will, definitely, come, but when it comes, how do you plan to manage it?

The way you manage it, will determine how far you will go, in your entrepreneurial journey.

Do You Have Mentors?

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Mentors are people that you look up to. They are people that have seen it, done it and are still doing it in the business world.

Do not choose mentors that are far from you.

Choose mentors that you can relate with on a daily basis.

I am sure that, by the time you answer the five questions above, you will know, whether, or, not, you are cut out for being an entrepreneur, or not.

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