5 Tech Myths About Phones, That You Need To Stop Believing In

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Mobile phones have evolved, from how we used to perceive them, to something phenomenal and now, even, as it has become an essential part of our lives.

I grew up in an era, where the wealthiest men use basic feature phones, such as Nokia 3310 and mobile phones were only used, to make and receive calls.

From basic feature phones, to java and Symbian and then, Android, mobile phones have gone, from being just devices for making and receiving calls, to full-fledged devices that have the ability to control our lives.

Throughout these developmental stages, there were some myths that arose along the line and even, with the advancement of technology, we still cling to these tech myths and believe them to be true.

Below are 5 tech myths about phones that need to be debunked:

Overcharging Of The Smartphone: With the old model phones, overcharging it, is probably, bad, as the phones do not have the mechanism, to automatically stop charging, when the battery is full.

With modern smartphones, it automatically stops charging, immediately the charge level gets to 100%.

You do not need to fidget about the battery going bad because of overcharging.

The Full Signal Bar Does Not Mean Full Network: Having a full signal bar on your phone, does not truly mean that, the network is very strong.

It simply means that, you are closer to a signal tower.

A Screen Protector Is Not A Must Buy: For the past five years, smartphones manufacturing companies have been producing phones with tougher screen pad, such as the Gorilla Glass, (a brand of chemically strengthened glass, designed to be thin, light and damage-resistant).

Companies, such as LG, Huawei and Samsung, have already incorporated it, in their smartphones models.

You, therefore, need not start rushing to buy a screen guard for your phone. You do not need it.

Background App Slows Down The Phone: This can only be possible, if you are using an old smartphone.

Modern smartphones have been optimized, in such a way that, it can multi-task effectively.

You do not need to worry about the entire multiple apps running in the background, but it will be safer to clean it up, once in a while.

Multiple Megapixels Does Not Mean Better Camera: Megapixel only relate to how big the phone picture will be.

The more megapixels the phone carries, the bigger the picture it will produce and it does not mean a better camera.

If you want a good phone camera, do not pay attention to the megapixels.

Pay more attention to the quality of the phone sensor, image processor, etc.

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