5 Key Ways, Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever arrived, at a point in your life, where you just pause and look back, at all that you have achieved and feel guilty, as if, you are not qualified, to have achieved all those things?

Have you ever had that feeling of, not doing enough, even, when everything around you, points to the fact, (with verified records), that, you, really, are competent, in what you have been doing?

What you are feeling, is what is known as, “Imposter Syndrome”

In 1978, clinical psychologists, Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne A. Imes, coined the term, “imposter syndrome” and define it, as a recurrent fear, of being exposed, as a “fraud” and an inability, to absorb accomplishments.

Imposter syndrome is the act, of being obsessed, with accomplishments and not knowing, when to stop and congratulate yourself, for all you have done for yourself.

There are top entrepreneurs and celebrities, who have and are, still struggling, with imposter syndrome.

These include entrepreneurs and Celebrities like;

Howard Schultz, CEO of “Starbuck”, who admitted to feeling unsecured and undeserving,

Serena Williams, the great Tennis player, who revealed, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that, she struggles, every time because she feels that, she is under the shadow of her elder sister, Venus Williams and

Maya Angelou, “Nobel Laureate”, who said, she always feels like, fraud and one day, someone will find out, after writing 11 books.

Also, in this boat is, Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, who said that she sometimes, feels like a fraud and she is not measuring up, enough.

We can go on and on, checking out leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities, who still battle with imposter syndrome and the list will not be exhausted, but as an entrepreneur, how do you handle this?

How do you navigate and manage the hurdle, of this syndrome?

Below are 5 key ways that an entrepreneur can overcome imposter syndrome:

Understanding Your Self-worth

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The first step, to overcoming imposter syndrome, is to understand, who you are, where you are coming from and what you have achieved, so far, without dwelling too much on it?

Understand your worth, as a person and it is okay to praise yourself, for all that you have been able to accomplish, but do not cross the thin line and start feeling proud and puffy.

Talk To Someone

The second key step is, to let it out, by talking to someone. You heal faster, when you share your feeling, with other people.

Communicate your fears and insecurity, to someone, who you feel, understands you and cry on their shoulder, if that is all that it will take, to let it out.

Do not contain those feelings, as it will never go away, instead, it comes, growing stronger.

Accept What You Are Feeling

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The third, key step is, accepting and recognizing, fraudulent feeling as something normal.

When you accept this fact, you tend, not to dwell on it and just move on.

Your mental state is now more conditioned and you will be able, to work fast and produce more, without the urge to always impress, at the back of your mind.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

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As much as it is okay to admire what other people have done for themselves, do not compare yourself with them when you are down.

Do not dwell on what that person is doing that is making him, or, her successful, but instead, dwell on yourself and look at, why you failed and the possible ways of getting back on your feet.

Nobody is perfect and everyone has, his, or, her own fair share of challenges.

Refrain from comparison and just focus, on your strength.

Encourage Yourself To Take Risks

Learn to own your “stuff” and encourage the person in you, to always take risks.

Imposter syndrome, has a way, of, slowly, killing the creative spark, in you and makes you feel sorry, for yourself, if left unchecked.

Do not wait for your courage, to build up. Learn to spread out your wings and fly, even, if it is to fly, on a haunch, just fly. Free your mind and let everything go.

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