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5 Effective Ways of Reacting to Cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying is a global issue and this affects Nigeria too. The number of people who have access to the internet in Nigeria is in the on the increase. The same thing applies to the number of smartphone users in Nigeria.
No doubt, this surge has fueled the issues such as cyber-bullying; even sexual orientation and other nefarious activities on the web. However, this piece is focused on how people should react when cyber-bullied.
Cyberbullying simply means the use of instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms or social networking sites to harass, threaten or intimidate someone.
Cyber-bullying is mostly often carried out by children or teens, who have access to these some of these technologies at early stage in life.
Parents must play critical roles in ensuring that their kids are moving towards the right direction. Some of the following action points should be taking when a child gets cyber-bullied.
Don’t Retaliate: Personally, I wouldn’t consider it to be cyber bullying anymore if you retaliate. If you do that same thing that was done to you, then it’s no longer a bully. Meanwhile, the person bullying you usually thinks he/she has power over you when you start to react to it. Don’t retaliate just do something else
Utilize the Tech Tools Available: Cyberbullying usually occurs on social media like Facebook and other platforms. These platforms have tools that you can use to block the person. That may not be the end of it but blocking the person is just one good step. If you don’t block the person you might be tempted to start responding. It’s better the bully gets blocked.
Cyberbullying is most prevalent on social media sites. Someone can easily create a fake account and start operating. It is usually difficult to figure out the authenticity of these fake accounts. However, there is an option of blocking the offender if need be.

Have an Evidence:

Having an evidence will do a whole lot of good. You need to prove that such incidence occurred. If you intend to reach out for help you must present your evidence. Even if you are pressing charges or prosecuting the person. You have to provide evidence to the court.

Put a Stop to it:

You need to be a bit aggressive about this. Even if you can’t be, report to someone who can help you. I wouldn’t advice you to report to the nearest police station just like majority will tell you. You must take action.
Just search very carefully, there should be somebody who is willing to listen to your pathetic story and help you. Don’t keep this to yourself and die off psychologically.
Just accept that this is not your fault: Despite the fact that cyberbullying is usually cruel. Do not be the one that will crucify yourself. It has a way of affecting your psychologically. Nobody deserves to be mentally abused or cruel repeatedly.

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