5 Daily Habits that Can Fast Track your Income Generation

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Hard work pays, but sometimes, you do not need to work yourself out, to start earning big, or, successful in life, when all you need to do is, just to work smart!

Often, I have seen and heard stories, of how some people work their socks off and retire, without a dime in their savings account and not, even, their pension, can sustain them, for the kind of future they envisage.

These kinds of stories, are so, disheartening, but these narratives need to be changed.

Moving from that present stage, (hard work), that we are, to the stage that, we ought to be, (smart work) is, not as farfetched, as it appears to be.

There is, a thin line between working hard and working smart. If this thin line can be identified and crossed over, to the work smart sphere, then, we can say that we have started living.

Having multiple sources of income is attached to the working smart sphere, but walking on this landmine, can be a little bit tricky if you do not understand the rules attached.

Multiple sources of income give you, the ability, to plan and live your life, the way you, truly, want. This may lead to a fulfilled life, but you need, to develop the habits.

You need to develop habits that, will serve, as a rule/guideline that will govern, the way you relate to the world.

Below, are 5 daily habits that will earn you income, if only, you will devote yourself to it.


Visualisation, will do so much good, to you, as you will be able, to project yourself, into multiple things, at a time.

Applying visualisation, to, basically, everything that concerns you, brings you closer, to your dream and makes you work smart.

Some of the world’s greatest individuals that have gone on, to impact the world, through their works, all started by visualising what they want to do; how they want to go about it.

They move towards achieving it.


The next step, in this process, has to do with your goals. Visualisation and goals, work in tandem and your goals need to be visualized, as this makes it easier, to achieve them, (goals).

You need to have your goals, spelt out and always read it aloud to yourself, every morning, when you wake up and in the evening before you go to sleep.

Learn New Skills

The world is changing drastically and every day, new skill sets are required.

The need, to keep upgrading oneself is, now highly needed and you never can tell, if the skills you have, presently, will become obsolete, in the nearest future.

Keep developing yourself. Acquire a new skill set and you will see how multiple windows of opportunities, will open for you.

Reading And Writing

Once you are mentally rich, it becomes very easy, for you, to be physically rich.

You become, mentally, strong and rich, by nourishing the brain, through reading and writing.

Having a routine reading habit is, easy for some, but a tough one, for many, during this social media era.

Regular reading helps you to make smarter decisions and it can, also, increase your brainpower.

Have A Relaxed Mind

Finally, a relaxed mind will ensure that you think, strategically and this will help you, to work smart and develop multiple ways, through which, incomes can be generated.

Stay healthy and stay fine.

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