5 Branding Tools Every Start-up Should Have

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Experts in the financial space, say 80 percent of businesses fail, within the first 5 years of inception, due to wrong business practices, lack of experience, etc.

Every business wants to be at top of their game and be the number one, but we are, in an era where, almost, everything is, digitalized, disrupted and business competitions, are getting tighter and tougher.

How, then, do the founders, ensure that their start-up, stay ahead?

One sure way is, to have a perfect understanding, of branding and everything it entails.

Branding is more than that beautiful technicolor office, or, website. It goes deeper than that.

How your start-up is perceived by clients, (old and new), has a whole lot, to do with branding and how it appeals, to their senses, so, it is, highly, imperative that, founders get it right, here.

Creating a strong brand that sticks to the minds of clients, will give the start-up, an edge, over other competitors and the start-up scales and accelerates faster.

Below are 4 must have branding tools for start-ups:

Creative Imagery

Creativity is part of what drives a start-up to grow and if creativity is lacking, the growth of the start-up will be stunted.

Branding is about, being creative, even, to the last detail, as all these make up the start-up.

Imagery stock designs can give you, just what you need, for your start-up branding.

Top imagery stock designs, include Adobe stock, creative market, pixels, Shutterstock, Upslash, etc.

Graphic Design Software

We are in an era, whereby, people’s attention span is, much shorter and people will, only, spare 5 seconds, to convince someone, to check out what you have to offer and you just have to make it count.

One sure way of doing this is, through designs.

Naturally, humans are curious creatures and can, easily, get attracted to things that, they find fascinating; founders should be able, to leverage this and create attractive brand designs.

You can gather your team, (to save cost), or, employ a brand strategist, to chart out the core ingredient of your start-up and morph it, into a visual identity, that relates to the market you seek to obtain.

Canva is, one of the most used design tools, for non-designers, as it offers, free mode and paid plan features. Other tools, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, etc., are, also, must-have, (if you have an in-house graphic designer).

Social Media Scheduler

Social media channels have provided access that enables an individual, to connect with billions of people, in just one second.

Successful businesses, across the world, have been able, to leverage social media, to boost the popularity of their products and services, which in turn must boost their sales and triple their income.

In a situation, whereby, a founder is, busy handling some other things, then, social media scheduler is, just the best bet, to help deal with this. It provides a platform that, enables you, to schedule content and keep hitting your target audience.

Top social media tools that you can use, to push your brand, to the world, includes, Hootsuite, Buffer, Crowdfire, Social pilot, etc.


Building up your brand has, so much to do, with designs, as well as, networking, which is, also, a branding tool.

You, just, have to connect with people, by going to events and social gatherings, but you must ensure that these events, related to the product and services that you offer.

The combination of all the branding tools stated above, will not only ensure that you create a lasting impression, in the mind of your customers but, also, gives your start-up, an edge, in the ever-busy world of business competition.

Are there other branding tools you can explore, let us know in the comment section below.

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