5 African Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2019 Second Half

The zeal to promote innovative ideas and skills among young minds, has ceased to be a secret in Africa.

Most youths and young minded, ended 2018 on the template of bidding a final farewell, to financial lack.

Many would have thought that, such goals would, eventually, result in hard work, delving into researches and white collar job applications, however, the zeal to solve problems in Africa, has birthed the emergence of fast-rising African entrepreneurs, ready to give anything it takes, to remain relevant in their fields.

One of the blessings of this year, that is almost gone half way, is the fast-growing business owners, it has began to raise on the continent of Africa; it is no longer absurd to hear youths discuss mind-blowing business ideas.

While some only talk about the problems Africans encounter daily, other business minded ones decided to create solutions to solve the problems.

These entrepreneurs, do not, only solve problems, or, gain financially, but they also help, in giving back to their countries, by providing job opportunities for fellow Africans.

Below, are five, young African entrepreneurs who have cause revolution to the business world:

Paul Kihiko

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Credit: businessdailyafrica

As the Kenyan Founder of “Wing It Nairobi”, 30-year-old Kihiko heralds Kenya’s first and only, Wings-only Quick service restaurant.

The restaurant, that has its first outlet, at the Galleria Shopping Mall in Kenya, has proved to be largely successful, since its inception.

After raising $75,000 from two investors for a minority stake, Kihiko is to launch other outlets this year.

Ibrahima Ben Aziz Konate

Credit: africatopsuccess

The 23-year-old entrepreneur from Cote D’Ivoire is the Founder of “Poultry d’Or”.

Ibrahima’s poultry company produces and distributes fresh poultry products and agro-foods.

Some unique features that, the company has are, slaughtering, cleaning, packaging services and delivery of the fresh poultry products, all on the same day.

The company also centers on the distribution of Agri-food products and it aims to sell chicken, at competitive prices, directly to the consumers.
In 2017, Konate was the winner of the prestigious Anzisha prize.

Temitope Ogunsemo

African entrepreneurs - cfamedia


Krystal Digital, is a fast growing ICT company, founded by a 33 year old Nigerian, Temitope. The company majors in the development and use, of sophisticated and service-oriented software applications as well as IT training.

The Company focuses on building an anchor, in the application of ICT, in the Education sector, especially, the Basic and Secondary Education sector.

The issues of the difficulty, in accessing and securing his academic transcript was the initiator of Temitope’s idea, that later birthed Krystal Digital.

Temitope had a pressing need for the potential, to grow a School Information Management System, not only to improve the preservation and retrieval of academic records, but also, to enable the schools benefit, from digitization and this dream has made him one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in Africa.

Sangu Delle


The 28-year-old influential Ghanaian entrepreneur, is the CEO of Golden Palm Investments, Ghana.

The company invests in early-stage business and growth capital financing, across Africa, especially, in real estate, healthcare, agribusiness and technology.

He is a fast-growing entrepreneur, with excellent business ideas to bring notable changes on the lives of Africans.

The work the these five are doing, that has brought them to the limelight, is being replicated by more African youths, making their mark in various fields of endeavours.

This is, surely, the way to go, if African countries are to move anywhere, near the development of other advanced continents like Europe and the Americas.

Ogbeni Opa
As a student in his twenties, attending the Federal University of Agriculture, (FUNAAB), Ogbeni Opa, has proved himself, to be a profound digital marketer and public relations, enthusiast.

He is the CEO of, an e-commerce platform, to make SMEs grow their market sales, brand identity and business networks.

Ogbeni Opa, is a students’ number one shopping mall, offering services, such as, security and management of brand name, growth, impression and engagement of the market audience, brand identity and image rights.

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