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How to Fix iPhone Crash

Apps on our phones are great tools we use in our everyday activities. When they begin to go off and on while using them, it becomes frustrating. If you are experiencing frequent app crashes on your iPhone, there are ways to fix the problem.

1. Simply Restart your iPhone.

It’s amazing how some users don’t leave their phone running for a long time. Try restarting the iPhone periodically.

The single solution to some problems on our phones is just to restart your phone. Restarting your iPhone can take care of app crash on your device.

2. Deactivate/Quit and Launch the App Again

When an app keeps crashing, deactivate such app, and then relaunch it.

Go to Settings to quit such defaulting app. Wait for a while and start it again. These most times take care of any part of the apps causing the crashes. Also clear cache from the app.

3. Update the Apps to the Latest Version

Updates to applications are released for a reason. Developers of app give updates to fix bugs and issues found or reported on such apps. Go to your iPhone App Store and make the update.

4. Remove the app and Install again

If the above steps didn’t fix the problem, then you should consider uninstalling the app, and then reinstall it. This should be your next option especially if there are no updates. Reinstalling a frequently crashing app does give it a fix.

5. Update/Upgrade your iPhone software (iOS)

Sometimes the origin of this issue isn’t the app itself, but your iPhone. So it is also important to update your iOS to the latest. Many bugs that might be responsible for such a problem are fixed by such updates.


Clearing of caches can prove a good solution to app crashing. And as we use our phones, try to make a phone restart from time to time.

If the above steps don’t work. You should contact the developer about the issue and they might show you a way out.

Leave a question and or comment below. As always we will attend to each issue.