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2018 Online Shopping Techniques

The festive period is gone for good and we are all set for 2018.

One way or the other we were all giving out gifts to our loved ones.

According to CPA Practice Advisor, 50 percent of holiday gifts were purchased online in 2016 compared to 43 percent in stores.

We visited many websites to get one item or the other. Online shopping got lots of buzz this festive period, making them become more popular by the day.

“This holiday season will likely see the online swing intensify, says Dr. Ray Klump, professor and director of the Master of Information Security program at Lewis University.

Online markets will still be busy but not as busy as festive period.

Many ecommerce websites rolled out fantastic deals which many online shoppers are finding exciting.

However, festive period is over but hackers will still continue to operate. They will still continue to target high traffic websites.

Aside from the security measures already adopted by these online stores, shoppers are also expected to play their role in making sure that they are safe.

Apparently, shopping online is one of the buzz that will go round incrementally. That is why you need to arm yourself very well.

Here are some ways to shop online be assured of safety this year.

Never save passwords in your browser: Saving your password on a browser is risky. Let’s assume you shop on any of the online stores and you save your password and username, it then becomes easier for someone to use your account.

Update your anti-malware software: There is no point to emphasize this because an outdated anti-malware software does not protect you from malware.

Use Cellular Connection: Always use your mobile data plan or cellular connection if you are shopping online. Do not use a public wifi because an open wifi is not encrypted, a cellular connection is.

Do not be overconfident: Some websites have developed a reputation for providing a secure buying experience over the years.

And sometimes we tend to have so much confidence that we no longer limit how we shop. Try to limit how you shop on these websites.

Use different passwords: Avoid using one password for different websites and start using different password for every site you visit.

If a hacker eventually hacks your password and uses it for those websites you shopped, then it becomes too disastrous.

Be careful while clicking on links: Links can be malicious especially if they are sent through email from online stores you don’t know. Instead of clicking the link, copy the link and paste on your browser.

Use personal computer: Shopping online through a public computer can be risky therefore it is more safer to shop using your personal computer.

Some people go to a cyber cafe and use those computers to shop online. This is damn risky because other people could have access to your log details.