Which Smartphone Application Changed Your Life?

Which Smartphone Application Changed Your Life?

There are tons of smartphone applications that are life changers or even life builders. You can only maximize the potentials of these mobile apps when you start using them smartly.

Personally, there are some apps that have been extremely significant to my personal growth and career. Nonetheless, the case was amazingly different with Franklin Veaux, a foreign friend of mine.

Franklin Veaux, is sexuality educator and also a writer, he pinpointed how one smartphone application (Twitter) changed his life.

Here is what he has to say

Had it not been for Twitter, my life would look radically different right now.

About four years ago, I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to an astronomy lecture. There was a Canadian woman who was following me on Twitter, and by complete coincidence she happened to be in Portland on the day of the lecture. She tweeted to me that she was interested in going, and would I like to meet up?

Which Smartphone Application Changed Your Life?

We met. We connected. We started dating.

In the four years since, we have:

Started a book publishing company together.

Written a book together that turned into a runaway hit.

Spent a week camping in the desert.

Toured ten countries in seven weeks.

Given countless lectures, workshops, interviews, and events about sex, ethics, abuse, polyamory, and BDSM.

Started taking blues dancing lessons together.

Launched a tech startup and participated in a grueling startup incubator program that taught both of us more about business than we knew there was to know–weird, seeing as how we’ve both been business owners for a very long time.

Toured the Very Large Array together.

Lived in a camper van together for months driving all around the US and Canada talking to polyamory groups.

Drank champagne atop the Eiffel Tower to celebrate her birthday. (Rather scary, that–it was the night before the terrorist attacks in Paris. We flew out hours before the attacks and found out about them when we landed in San Francisco.)

Gone out searching for chocolate in the middle of the night in Belgium and ended up finally getting brownies from a guy covered in Japanese gangster tattoos.

All these things happened because I posted on Twitter about an astronomy lecture. The butterfly flaps its wings and the world changes.


I think, the lesson is quite simple. Let me know your thoughts about this wonderful experience from Franklin