4 Trends in Artificial Intelligence You Should Know

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For the past 10 years, the growth of Artificial Intelligence has been tremendous, although, this technological innovation is, still in its cradle.

However, its huge potentials can never be underestimated, as the usage of AI, has increased, by over 270%, in the past four years.

It has been estimated that, by 2021, AI augmentation, will create $2.29 trillion of business value, across the world and 87% of companies that have adopted AI, will experience exponential improvement and growth, in their businesses.

Across the world, major tech companies, like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Alibaba, Tesla, etc., are investing millions of dollars, every year into AI because, they have a perfect understanding, of what they stand to benefit from it.

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There is no denying the fact that, AI will change the world, as we know it and what we are seeing and experiencing today is, just a fraction of its possibilities.

But in the nearest future, things will, drastically, change. On the back of AI, man will ride into the next industrial revolution.

Below are 4 trends, in Artificial Intelligence that, will impact the nearest future:

Automated Call Centres Representatives

Big organisations, across the world, have, already, started to implement this trend.

In the nearest future, AI-powered machines, will answer millions of customers calls within a few minutes.

AI provides solutions that can detect customer’s sentiments and use the information gained, to provide a deep learning, pre-check portal and claim queue.

Automatic Speech Recognition, (ASR), to translate audio to text, etc., proffer solutions to the customer’s inquiry.

This will lead to great service, more revenues and stronger brand loyalty.

Checkmate Your Privacy

Unlike before, when you will have to input some personal details, before you can get a particular answer to your questions, now, through a process of query understanding, customer generation, etc.

AI can, effectively, pinpoint the needs of the customers, without the customers divulging their personal information, thus, keeping their privacy intact.

AI Training

One thing that, will contribute to the growth of AI is continuous learning.

Training in AI, to know what it does not know, to add to what it knows is, a trend that, will be a focal point that, man will pursue, ceaselessly.

This move has, already, been introduced in the health sector, as man is, already, finding ways, to give an accurate description of diagnosis.

More Investment

Artificial intelligence and deep learning research, prototypes and businesses, will get more investment, as the years go by.

This trend will define the future, as more investors, will become more interested, in businesses, powered by AI.

Retail giants, across the world, have, already, charted out plans, of investing, massively, into AI, to boost their businesses.

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