4 Top B2B Influencer Marketing Predictions For 2020

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The B2B influencer marketing is, getting bigger, as the years go by and rarely, do we see organizations and business platforms that do not have an influencer marketer, (full-time, or, part-time), on their payroll.

Influencer marketers have a way of predicting, how the sphere will play out and in 2018, they predicted what will happen, in 2019 and most of the predictions came to pass.

There was a significant major advancement, in what B2B marketers had planned, for influencer marketing in 2019, which includes; Prioritizing influencer video content, cultivating ongoing relationships, Compliance due to GDPR and disclosing paid sponsorships, fake followers, partnering with the right influencer match.

Some of the initiatives stated above, became top “must do”, while some came out strongly but gradually faded away, as the year, slowly glides away.

Most interesting thing, however, is that, those initiatives that survive, became the backbone and tools that, some of the world’s best brands use.

The year 2020 is, around the corner, (2 weeks to go, as at the time of writing this), leaders in the influencer marketing sector are, already popping out predictions that will change the industry.

Engagement Focus

Brands will find more value, when they create an engaging content, chaired by influencers, rather than, on how many people see a piece of content, without an influencer pushing it.

Creating an avenue, through which likes are measured, comments are checked and shares are followed, shows that, an influencer’s audience is, listening and the created content, resonate.

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Combining Content And Influence

Building a community of influence, around industry experts, employees and brand advocates customers will serve as a pivot and arena, where people can learn, share ideas and find value, through an encompassing content interaction.

There is a flip side here, as customers may be irritated, with the overload of information and brand marketing.

Influencer-driven content experiences ranging, from video to audio interactive sessions, should deliver engaging information that inspires buyers, to action.

Target audience/ customers will easily be attracted.

Influence Integration

Brands will integrate influencer marketing into strategic marketing initiatives in a way that supports different objectives, like never.

Business priorities, search demand and influencer expertise, will be integrated and at the center of it, is what is called, “content sweet spot”.

The integration of these three areas, will create a strategic and long-lasting impact, on your business.

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A Personal Relationship With Influencers

Group Marketing Manager, LinkedIn, Garnor Morantes has predicted that, organizations are going to lean, somewhat, more heavily, into creating deep and personal relationships, with influencers.

He further stated that “I anticipate organizations will re-route and focus their efforts on building lasting, ongoing relationships, with a more targeted group of influencers”, he further stated.

The bond between Influencer and bond will be more like partnership and collaboration, which will enhance true sharing, authentic messages and insights that relate with customers.

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