5 Tips for Launching a Successful Rebranding

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At, a point in time, the need to rebrand your business, will become, very necessary, as the lifespan and strength of your business begin to wane.

Rebranding is, however, not about, undoing some steps that you have taken that has led you, to where you are, now. It is, about consolidating, on all your major success stories and building on it.

Rebranding a business is, to chart out a new direction and locating the core, of what your business stands for, your aims, vision and then, modifying your image, to fit in and reflect, all these changes.

Some years back, AuctionWeb, quickly, realized that they had outgrown the descriptive name and would benefit from, a not too flashy, but a catchy name that would allow them, to blend and perfectly, fit in, with other emerging digital platforms. That was how the global brand eBay was birthed.

Rebranding should be a step by step process and you do not have to rush everything at once. Take your time, discuss with key stakeholders and pinpoint, all the areas that, require urgent rebranding.

Know that, you are due for rebranding when these points outlined below surface:

  • PR disaster
  • New demographics
  • Merged with another company
  • Change of Boards of Directors

Here, are four tips, for launching a successful rebrand, of your business:

Understanding your requirement

Before you embark on the journey of rebranding, have a clear understanding, of everything that you want and how the result, will look like.

Flying blindly will amount to a waste of time and resources, which can be very demoralizing to the image and finance of the organization.

Hiring an external consultant, or, a marketing firm, will save you, lots of time and resources. Although, if you are a start-up founder, with a small firm, you can, as well, decide to go at it alone, with your team.

Carry Out Market Research

Do not just sit behind your PC. Organize a team that will go out there and get feedback from customers, patronising your products.

The feedback given will open your eyes, to some tips that, you have over-looked and this will aid the fast development, of your rebranding plan.

Ensure that existing customers and individuals, around your target demographics, input their feedback, on your brand story, products and services and existing reputation.

Focus On Your Uniqueness

Your focal point, should encompass, what makes you unique and what you know, gives you the edge, over all your competitors.

Great companies, all over the world, have one thing that ensures that they stand out and they always push out, for the whole world to see.

Uniqueness ensures that you stand out and your team should be aware of this, through the rebranding stage.

Losing your uniqueness, all in the name of rebranding will do a lot of damage, to the growth of the organization.

Off To The Market, You Go, (Launch)

After getting a clear idea, of what you want and you and your team have, finally, completed the internal rebranding process, off to the market you go.

Go live. Go public. Let the world know that, you have rebranded and this is, who you are, now.

Your rebranding should serve as, a means of generating publicity and engagement with customers. Send your customers, teaser emails, in the run-up, to the launch, hinting at the possible changes to come.

Feedback Is Necessary

To, successfully, complete the rebranding process, feedback is, needed. Get feedback, from customers, detailing what they think/feel, about the new changes that, they are seeing.

You can either do this, formally or, carry out, an online survey.

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